Binding Earth And Heaven

Author: Gary Shepherd
Publisher: Penn State Press
ISBN: 0271060425
Size: 79.35 MB
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Binding Earth And Heaven from the Author: Gary Shepherd. In Binding Earth and Heaven, Gary Shepherd and Gordon Shepherd use early nineteenth-century Mormonism as a case study to examine questions about how new religious movements may, as rare exceptions, survive and even eventually become successful in spite of intense opposition. Initial scorn and contempt for Mormonism—the fledgling creation of the young Joseph Smith—quickly elevated to mob violence as both Smith’s innovative teachings and converted followers proliferated, resulting in the widely held perception that the Mormons constituted a social menace. This book examines how Mormonism attracted and maintained the loyalty of increasing numbers of people despite mounting hostilities and severe hardships. The book focuses on the unique Mormon ritual (and accompanying doctrinal underpinnings) of “patriarchal blessings.” Patriarchal blessings were an innovative adaptation of the Old Testament practice of fathers making quasi-legal pronouncements over the heads of their sons—a way of verbally conferring rights, promises, admonition, and guidance to heirs. Binding Earth and Heaven shows how the organizational complexities of this practice contributed to strengthening and sustaining member faith and fealty, thereby bolstering the continuity and development of Mormonism.

Unpopular Sovereignty

Author: Brent M. Rogers
Publisher: U of Nebraska Press
ISBN: 0803296460
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Unpopular Sovereignty from the Author: Brent M. Rogers. Newly created territories in antebellum America were designed to be extensions of national sovereignty and jurisdiction. Utah Territory, however, was a deeply contested space in which a cohesive settler group—the Mormons—sought to establish their own “popular sovereignty,” raising the question of who possessed and could exercise governing, legal, social, and even cultural power in a newly acquired territory. In Unpopular Sovereignty, Brent M. Rogers invokes the case of popular sovereignty in Utah as an important contrast to the better-known slavery question in Kansas. Rogers examines the complex relationship between sovereignty and territory along three main lines of inquiry: the implementation of a republican form of government, the administration of Indian policy and Native American affairs, and gender and familial relations—all of which played an important role in the national perception of the Mormons’ ability to self-govern. Utah’s status as a federal territory drew it into larger conversations about popular sovereignty and the expansion of federal power in the West. Ultimately, Rogers argues, managing sovereignty in Utah proved to have explosive and far-reaching consequences for the nation as a whole as it teetered on the brink of disunion and civil war.

Same Sex Dynamics Among Nineteenth Century Americans

Author: D. Michael Quinn
Publisher: University of Illinois Press
ISBN: 9780252069581
Size: 70.53 MB
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Same Sex Dynamics Among Nineteenth Century Americans from the Author: D. Michael Quinn. "Winner of the Herbert Feis Award from the American Historical Association and named one of the best religion books of the year by Publishers Weekly, D. Michael Quinn's Same-Sex Dynamics among Nineteenth-Century Americans has elicited critical acclaim as well as controversy. Using Mormonism as a case study of the extent of early America's acceptance of same-sex intimacy, Quinn examines several examples of long-term relationships among Mormon same-sex couples And The environment in which they flourished before the onset of homophobia in the late 1950s. "

In Heaven As It Is On Earth

Author: Samuel Morris Brown
Publisher: OUP USA
ISBN: 0199793573
Size: 39.38 MB
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In Heaven As It Is On Earth from the Author: Samuel Morris Brown. Discusses the foundational beliefs of the Mormon Church by focusing on early Mormon conceptions of death.

The God Who Weeps

Author: Terryl Givens
Publisher: Ensign Peak
ISBN: 9781609071882
Size: 30.20 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The God Who Weeps from the Author: Terryl Givens. Anyone desiring to understand more about Mormon Christianity could

The Women Of Mormondom

Author: Edward William Tullidge
Size: 63.95 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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The Women Of Mormondom from the Author: Edward William Tullidge.

Discourses Of Brigham Young

Author: John A. Widtsoe
Publisher: Deseret Book Company
ISBN: 9780877470663
Size: 70.59 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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Discourses Of Brigham Young from the Author: John A. Widtsoe.

The Miracle Of Forgiveness

Author: Spencer W. Kimball
Publisher: Bookcraft, Incorporated
ISBN: 9780884944447
Size: 30.48 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The Miracle Of Forgiveness from the Author: Spencer W. Kimball.

The Autobiography Of Parley Parker Pratt

Author: Parley Parker Pratt
ISBN: 9781406842470
Size: 42.15 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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The Autobiography Of Parley Parker Pratt from the Author: Parley Parker Pratt. Pratt was one of the twelve Apostles of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and this work, edited by his son, embraces his life, ministry and travels with extracts in prose and verse from his miscellaneous writings.