Author: Alan Keohane
Publisher: Kyle Cathie Limited
ISBN: 9780857830272
Size: 52.27 MB
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Bedouin from the Author: Alan Keohane. This photographic record of an ancient culture represents years of living and travelling in the Middle East. The author captures the nomadic lifestyle, the traditions, the personalities, the dress, and the markets in memorable detail.

The Bedouins And The Desert

Author: Jibrāʼīl Sulaymān Jabbūr
Size: 20.39 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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The Bedouins And The Desert from the Author: Jibrāʼīl Sulaymān Jabbūr. An extensively illustrated account of traditional bedouin life in the Arab east that extends from desert wildlife and lore on the camel to marriage customs and the history of the enigmatic tribe of Slayb.

Historical Dictionary Of The Bedouins

Author: Muhammad Suwaed
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield
ISBN: 1442254513
Size: 75.91 MB
Format: PDF
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Historical Dictionary Of The Bedouins from the Author: Muhammad Suwaed. The term ‘Bedouins’ was given to nomads who came from or lived in the desert, and consisted of a sedentary population (from the badia – desert). However, in time, it came to define their social economic essence as: people who raised grazing animals and were compelled to conduct a nomadic life, to live in tents that could be dismantled, carried, and re-erected easily, and to move with their livelihood and living accommodation, according to the environmental conditions — those which provided water and grass. Not all Bedouin tribes are of Arabic origin, as all Muslim nomadic groups in the area adopted the term "Bedouins." There are Bedouin tribes of Turkmen, Kurdish Baluch, and Berberic origin and there are "Arabized" African people and hybrid people, who are categorized as Bedouins. The Historical Dictionary of the Bedouins contains a chronology, an introduction, an extensive bibliography. The dictionary section has over 300 cross-referenced entries on important personalities, politics, economy, foreign relations, religion, and culture. This book is an excellent access point for students, researchers, and anyone wanting to know more about the Bedouins.

Bedouin And Nomads

Author: Etienne Dehau
ISBN: 9780500543344
Size: 38.95 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Bedouin And Nomads from the Author: Etienne Dehau. The deserts of Arabia stretch from Jordan to Yemen; Wadi Rum, the Nefud, Ad-Dahna and Rub al Khali - known as the Empty Quarter - which borders Yemen and extends to the Sultanate of Oman. Many of these areas remain an enigma, with mankind having encroached only on the edges of their extreme environments. But even these peripheral zones contain some spectacular sights - dunes and plains, rocky peaks chiselled by erosion, and rare and unusual flora and fauna. At the heart of this immense region, we follow the incense route and discover the Bedouins, a nomadic people with ancient traditions. Étienne Dehau's wonderful photographs illustrate the culture of these Arabs - a word that originally meant 'people of the desert' - as they move from camp to camp within a land that is both hostile and overwhelming.

Out Of The Desert

Author: Ali Al-Naimi
Publisher: Penguin UK
ISBN: 0241978394
Size: 40.47 MB
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Out Of The Desert from the Author: Ali Al-Naimi. The extraordinary memoir of global oil's former central banker Ali Al-Naimi is the former Saudi oil minister - and OPEC kingpin - a position he held for the two decades between August 1995 and May 2016. In this time, Al-Naimi's briefest utterances moved markets. But it wasn't always that way. Al-Naimi was born into abject poverty as a nomadic Bedouin in the 1930s, just as US companies were discovering vast quantities of oil under the baking Arabian deserts. From his first job as a shepherd boy, aged four, to his appointment to one of the most powerful political and economic jobs in the world, Out of the Desert charts Al-Naimi's extraordinary rise to power. Described by Alan Greenspan as 'the most powerful man you've never heard of', Al-Naimi's incredible journey proves that anyone can make it - even a poor Bedouin shepherd boy. This is his exclusive inside story of power, politics and oil. His Excellency Ali Ibrahim Al-Naimi is the former Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. One of the most powerful economic and political jobs in the world, he held this post from August 1995 to May 2016. Prior to that he held a wide range of leadership positions in the Kingdom's national oil company, Saudi Aramco. He was the first Saudi national to be named President of the company in 1984 and became the first Saudi CEO in 1988. Al-Naimi joined the company, then called Aramco, as an office boy in 1947. A Bedouin, he was born in the deserts of eastern Arabia in 1935.

The Bedouin Of The Middle East

Author: Elizabeth Losleben
Publisher: Lerner Publications
ISBN: 9780822506638
Size: 20.92 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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The Bedouin Of The Middle East from the Author: Elizabeth Losleben. Explores the history of the desert-dwelling Bedouin, exploring how they survive their harsh Middle Eastern and North African environments, and their religion, culture, diet, language, and social structure.

Der Englische Patient

Author: Michael Ondaatje
Publisher: Carl Hanser Verlag GmbH Co KG
ISBN: 3446248293
Size: 23.33 MB
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Der Englische Patient from the Author: Michael Ondaatje. Der Krieg ist weitergezogen. In einer verlassenen Villa in Florenz sind vier Menschen gestrandet, die Zug um Zug ihre Leidenschaften und Wünsche, ihre Geschichte und Existenz voreinander enthüllen. Ein atemberaubendes Spiel um Tod und Leben beginnt. Der Roman wurde von Anthony Minghalla mit Juliette Binoche, Willam Defoe und Jürgen Prochnow verfilmt.

King Of Oil

Author: Daniel Ammann
ISBN: 9783280055625
Size: 58.54 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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King Of Oil from the Author: Daniel Ammann.

British Imperialism And The Tribal Question

Author: Robert S. G. Fletcher
Publisher: OUP Oxford
ISBN: 0191045551
Size: 25.69 MB
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British Imperialism And The Tribal Question from the Author: Robert S. G. Fletcher. British Imperialism and 'The Tribal Question ' reconstructs the history of Britain's presence in the deserts of the interwar Middle East, making the case for its significance to scholars of imperialism and of the region's past. It tells the story of what happened when the British Empire and Bedouin communities met on the desert frontiers between the Mediterranean Sea and the Persian Gulf. It traces the workings of the resulting practices of 'desert administration' from their origins in the wake of one World War to their eclipse after the next, as British officials, Bedouin shaykhs, and nationalist politicians jostled to influence desert affairs. Drawn to the commanding heights of political society in the region's towns and cities, historians have tended to afford frontier 'margins' merely marginal treatment. Instead, this volume combines the study of imperialism, nomads, and the desert itself to reveal the centrality of 'desert administration' to the working of Britain's empire, repositioning neglected frontier areas as nerve centres of imperial activity. British Imperialism and 'The Tribal Question ' leads the shift in historians' attentions from the familiar, urban seats of power to the desert 'hinterlands' that have long been obscured.