A Guide To English Grammar

Author: Bessie Brooks
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 9781469148120
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A Guide To English Grammar from the Author: Bessie Brooks. There is elements of language that allow us to better understand the world. Abstractions in language help us classify ideas into groups so that we may generalize or specify parts within a label. For instance a car is made up of many parts, such as the engine, the wheels, the body,etc. We call it a car instead of of "an engine driving the wheels with a body attached to carry passengers", to make it easier for us not only to transfer the though within our mind, but also to others. Also, by calling it a car, we have differentiated the object from a train or a bike, both being other modes of transportation. Abstractions are part of our mental girds that help us by chopping reality into fragments so that we may organize it and put it into our grasp of understanding. Something such as the temperature cannot be measured because it is infinitely variable. It is just our enviroment reduced to numbers so that we can conceive it in our minds. Again, our world is divided into pieces so the human mind can understand it bit buy bit. From seeing a car to measuring the temperature, language offers an explanation to our experience and it is a powerful tool to help us think.

Becoming Plural

Author: Richard Boggs
Publisher: Garnet Publishing Ltd
ISBN: 1859643280
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Becoming Plural from the Author: Richard Boggs. Becoming Pluralcombines a warm appreciation of the Sudanese people with an astute sense of the circumstances under which they live. The author documents in candid portraits the Sudanese at grass roots level, and records their hopes and fears as Sudan formally breaks into two separate states. "In July 2011, Sudan officially 'became plural' as the country split in two; the unofficial northsouth divide between the Arab-dominated north and the more ethnically African south was formalized, after the people of Southern Sudan voted overwhelmingly to separate from the rest of the country.Richard Boggs lived and worked among the Sudanese for many years, first coming to Sudan as a volunteer in 1986. He has lived in both Juba and Khartoum, and shared the reality of life in Sudan with the people around him. This has enabled him to provide an intimate portrait of the characteristics and values of the Sudanese people. He conveys astutely the particular circumstances in which they live, creating a record of their hopes and fears as Sudan formally breaks into two separate states.Written during a key moment in Sudanese history, as South Sudan gained its independence in July 2011, this unique portrait contains over 100 never-before-published photographs. It brings Sudanese cultures and traditions to a Western audience.

Webster S Ii Children S Dictionary

Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
ISBN: 9780618374106
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Webster S Ii Children S Dictionary from the Author: . A dictionary for elementary school students featuring word histories, synonym paragraphs, a spelling table, and a reference appendix with maps and tables.

Studies In The Book Of Psalms Being A Critical And Expository Commentary With Doctrinal And Practical Remarks On The Entire Psalter With The Text

Author: William Swan Plumer
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Studies In The Book Of Psalms Being A Critical And Expository Commentary With Doctrinal And Practical Remarks On The Entire Psalter With The Text from the Author: William Swan Plumer. The Psalms are wonderful. They have been read, repeated, chanted, sung, studied, wept over, rejoiced in, expounded, loved and praised by God's people for thousands of years. The most ancient of these productions is now [1866] three thousand three hundred and twenty-six years old. The least ancient of them is two thousand four hundred and fifty-three years old. The difference in date between the most ancient and the most modern of them is eight hundred and seventy-three years. They were all written in Asia, so that we in this Western world can have no national pride respecting them. Yet pious people here and all over the earth have found and can find no compositions more suitable for delineating their devout emotions, and for expressing their pious sensibilities than those of inspired Psalmists. If to any man these songs are unsavory, the reason is found in the blindness and depravity of the human heart. Hengstenberg: "The Psalms are expressions of holy feeling, which can be understood by those only, who have become alive to such feeling." Other things being equal, he who has the most heavenly mind, will be the most successful student of the Psalms. - Introduction.