Battle For The Falklands 2

Author: Adrian English
Publisher: Osprey Publishing
ISBN: 9780850454925
Size: 57.81 MB
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Battle For The Falklands 2 from the Author: Adrian English. In the early hours of the chilly late-autumn morning, April 2 1982, substantial forces of Argentine Marines, with heavy naval and air support, had invaded the Falkland islands, quickly and almost bloodlessly overwhelming a token garrison of Royal Marines. The following day Argentine forces also invaded the Falklands dependency of South Georgia, forcing the garrison of just 22 Royal Marines to surrender – though not before they had inflicted disproportionately heavy losses on their attackers. In this companion to Men-at-Arms 133 & 135 Adrian English and Anthony Watts examine the naval forces of both sides who fought in the battle for the Falklands.

The Forgotten Colony

Author: Andrew Graham-Yooll
Publisher: L.O.L.A. (Literature of Latin America)
Size: 50.37 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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The Forgotten Colony from the Author: Andrew Graham-Yooll.

Battles Of The Falklands War

Author: Gordon Smith
Publisher: Allan
Size: 41.69 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Battles Of The Falklands War from the Author: Gordon Smith. En overskuelig beskrivelse af Falklandskrigens forløb, bl.a. med 40 kort der viser deployeringen af hær-, flåde- og flystyrker samt tabslister over fly og skibe på britisk of argentisk side.

Wars Of The Americas

Author: David Marley
Publisher: Abc-Clio Inc
ISBN: 9781598841008
Size: 60.17 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Wars Of The Americas from the Author: David Marley. An annotated chronology covering every major--as well as most minor--military conflicts since the arrival of Columbus.

Coronel And The Falklands

Author: Geoffrey Martin Bennett
Publisher: Birlinn Limited
ISBN: 9781841580456
Size: 77.65 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Coronel And The Falklands from the Author: Geoffrey Martin Bennett. The defeat suffered by Rear-Admiral Sir Christopher Cradock at Coronel at the hands of Maximilian Graf von Spee, one of Germany's most brilliant naval commanders, was the most humiliating blow to British naval prestige since the eighteenth century. The story of Coronel is not just that of the heroism of Cradock, but also of British naval incompetence and lack of foresight. For Britain, the defeat had to be avenged immediately. On 8 December 1914, as Spee's squadron steamed towards Port Stanley in the Falklands, two great British battlecruisers, the Invincible and Inflexible, lay in wait. Spee had no option but to turn and flee. But by mid afternoon, he was forced to turn and fight and at 5.30 in the afternoon, his last ship slowly turned and rolled to the bottom. Cradock and Britain had been avenged.