Author: Dina Bakst
Publisher: The Feminist Press at CUNY
ISBN: 1558618627
Size: 43.69 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
View: 1210
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Babygate from the Author: Dina Bakst. Moms-to-be get tons of advice on strollers, sleep training, and post-baby workouts. What they don't get is straight talk about navigating the workplace during pregnancy and new parenthood - factors that put many women's jobs in jeopardy. That's why Babygate is essential: the first and only guide to supply parents with the tools they need to keep their jobs. Babygate breaks down the laws on topics across the parenthood spectrum in clear, conversational language, and includes a state-by-state guide so readers know exactly how they're protected (or not) in their hometowns. Best of all, Babygate includes a road map for confronting family-responsibilities discrimination, and a concrete plan for creating a more family-friendly nation. In Babygate, three legal experts share practical tips, real-life stories from moms and dads, and key legal information to spotlight the protections expecting and new parents have (and don't have) in the workplace. This step-by-step guide covers everything from morning sickness to maternity leave to confronting discrimination on the job. Includes quizzes, charts, checklists, sample letters to employers, and a comprehensive breakdown of individual state laws on pregnancy, parenthood, and the workplace.

Christine Morris Mysteries 2 Book Bundle

Author: Maureen Jennings
Publisher: Dundurn
ISBN: 1459722078
Size: 42.86 MB
Format: PDF
View: 435
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Christine Morris Mysteries 2 Book Bundle from the Author: Maureen Jennings. This double edition of the Christine Morris Mystery series presents Maureen Jennings’s Does Your Mother Know? and The K Handshape.

Rabbits For Dummies

Author: Connie Isbell
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 0470496282
Size: 24.89 MB
Format: PDF
View: 4653
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Rabbits For Dummies from the Author: Connie Isbell. Your hands-on guide to being a responsible rabbit owner Want to raise a happy, healthy bunny? This practical guide gives you everything you need to know to successfully adopt, nurture, live with, and love a rabbit. From choosing a rabbit and preparing its home to training, healthcare, and having fun with your bunny, you get a wealth of expert tips that will have your rabbit (and you) hopping with joy! Jump into bunny basics — decide whether a rabbit is the right pet for you, discover the different breeds, and find out the best places to adopt your bunny Take care of creature comforts — from housing and grooming to feeding and healthcare, provide the best care for your friend Practice bunny "psychology" — understand bunny body language and sounds, handle behavior issues, and train your bunny to do tricks and use the litter box Enjoy the wonderful world of rabbits — play games with your bunny, join clubs and organizations, show your rabbit, and make traveling with bunny easy Open the book and find: Informative photos and illustrations Detailed breed descriptions How to think like a rabbit Tips for handling bad bunny behavior The latest on organic cuisine and homegrown feeding options Games to play with your rabbit How to live with an indoor bunny (which is recommended!) Ten signs that require emergency action A bunch of bunny resources — from rescue groups to registries to Web sites

The Manual To Owning A Pet Bull Terrier

Author: Shannon Nolan
ISBN: 1105939006
Size: 14.82 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
View: 5901
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The Manual To Owning A Pet Bull Terrier from the Author: Shannon Nolan. The Owner's Manual to Owning a Pet Bull Terrier. Covering topics such as Origin, Confirmation, Purchasing, Personality, Management of Bull Terrier, Grooming, Feeding, Health, Potty Training, Preparing your home, Socializing, Basic Training, Children and Other Pets, Cats, Traveling, Backyards & Fencing, Toys, Treats, and Entertainment, Communication and Age by Age. *Bonus-Puppy Photo

Senior Dogs For Dummies

Author: Susan McCullough
Publisher: For Dummies
Size: 77.24 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
View: 1859
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Senior Dogs For Dummies from the Author: Susan McCullough. Covers wellness, nutrition, and socialization Keep your dog happy and healthy through the golden years Senior dogs are special creatures with special needs. This friendly guide provides reassuring, positive advice on handling the physical and emotional issues involved in caring for your beloved companion. You'll see how aging affects your dog, how to cope with common ailments, and what you can do to help your senior live a joyful, high-quality life. Praise for Senior Dogs For Dummies "The book is a resource that will enhance life both for senior dogs and for the humans who love them." - Teri Goodman, Coordinator, The Senior Dogs Project, "A dog who has lived his lifetime with you is a precious jewel to be loved and treasured. Susan has captured that spirit." - Liz Palika, author of Purebred Rescue Dog Adoption Discover how to: * Meet your senior's dietary needs * Safely exercise your senior * Manage health costs * Teach an older dog new tricks * Gain inspiration from stories about super senior dogs

Awesome Puppy Activities Training To Make Your Puppy An Awesome Dog

Author: Ray Lincoln
Publisher: Awesome Book Publishing
ISBN: 0984053832
Size: 16.95 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
View: 4180
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Awesome Puppy Activities Training To Make Your Puppy An Awesome Dog from the Author: Ray Lincoln. Two canine psychology specialists who love pampering dogs share their secrets for developing the canine mind while having fun.

Olivia S Potty Adventures

Author: Terreece Clark
ISBN: 9781941958407
Size: 75.79 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
View: 3260
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Olivia S Potty Adventures from the Author: Terreece Clark. Olivia has taken many adventures in her 2 1/2 years: Holding up her head and smiling at her parents. Sitting up. Feeding herself in her highchair. Learning to talk. Walking (that was a big one!) still takes her on many new adventures around the house (when she's not blocked by the babygate).Now comes one of the biggest adventures of her young life - getting on the potty. Getting up there, not falling in, doing the business and getting back down.Can she do it? Of course she can...she's Olivia, Princess of Imagination. Come along and see how!


Author: Ron Larson
ISBN: 9780669316674
Size: 75.99 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
View: 7702
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Geometry from the Author: Ron Larson.

The Childwise Catalog

Author: Jack Gillis
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
ISBN: 9780060964504
Size: 66.33 MB
Format: PDF
View: 1992
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The Childwise Catalog from the Author: Jack Gillis. From the nationally known consumer advocate and author of The Car Book, the only complete for children--now 100% revised and updated. Covers everything from cribs to crayons, doctors to day care. "I'd advise every parent to buy this book".--Dr. Benjamin Spock.