Baseball Culture

Author: General Books LLC
Publisher: Books LLC, Wiki Series
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Baseball Culture from the Author: General Books LLC. Please note that the content of this book primarily consists of articles available from Wikipedia or other free sources online. Pages: 100. Chapters: Take Me Out to the Ball Game, Casey at the Bat, Sabermetrics, Who's on First?, List of baseball nicknames, Glossary of English language idioms derived from baseball, Baseball card, 2009 Upper Deck trading card products, PECOTA, List of baseball team nicknames, Baseball uniform, Town ball, Ceremonial first pitch, Fantasy baseball, The Great American Baseball Card Flipping, Trading and Bubble Gum Book, Baseball Talk, Seventh-inning stretch, Pink bat, Society for American Baseball Research, Sunday baseball games, Bowman Gum, Baseball's Sad Lexicon, Insert cards, Bobblehead, All Star Baseball, Strat-O-Matic, Friends of Labatt Park, Andy Oyler, Talkin' Baseball, Field of Dreams, Line-Up for Yesterday, Moundball, Rookie card, Will Carroll, Gonfalone, Ron Shandler, WikiBaseball, 2008 Upper Deck trading card products, The Baseball Project, Old Cat, Dan Szymborski, Baseball Reliquary, Murray Chass, Wiffle Ball, W711-2, List of 2007 Fleer Rookie Cards, Ozark Ike, 2005 Upper Deck trading card products, Glossary of baseball, Philadelphia Gum, LABR, Baseball superstition, 1922 w575-2, Fantasy Focus, Tout Wars, Association of American Baseball Research, Renata Galasso, SABR Deadball Era Committee, Rain Delay. Excerpt: Baseball nicknames have become an integral part of the sport's culture: "In no sport are nicknames more pervasive than baseball." This is a list of nicknames of Major League Baseball teams and players. It includes a complete list of nicknames of players in the Baseball Hall of Fame, a list of nicknames of current players, nicknames of popular players who have played for each major league team, and lists of nicknames grouped into particular categories (e.g., ethnic nicknames, personality trait nicknames etc.). It also includes a list of nicknames of current Major League teams. Sports journalists, broadcasters and fa...

The Old Ball Game

Author: Mark Alvarez
Publisher: Taylor Pub
ISBN: 9780924588099
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The Old Ball Game from the Author: Mark Alvarez.

Baseball And The Pursuit Of Innocence

Author: Richard Skolnik
Publisher: TAMU Press
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Baseball And The Pursuit Of Innocence from the Author: Richard Skolnik. Just when you thought everything had been written about baseball, along comes this remarkably fresh look at "the old ball game", together with a provocative series of inquiries that redirect our thinking about the game. Is baseball really like life? How does it reflect a more traditional moral universe? What is the current preoccupation with statistics doing to the game? Why is there so much talking and arguing in baseball? Does baseball consciously reenact the mythology of the Old West? In this sophisticated, literate, and thoroughly entertaining book, Richard Skolnik addresses these and many other intriguing questions while he explores the underlying tensions in the nation's pastime. On the surface, baseball seems to reflect old, unchanging, more innocent traditions - a harking back to a rural past, a simpler time. But how does that idealistic image jibe with the modern era of big-business baseball, where money considerations dominate, free-agency erodes established loyalties, and specialists are more common than players with all-around skills? Skolnik tellingly probes the symbols of baseball and examines the way the game is played and the way it is viewed and interpreted. As debate builds in the sports community over the future of the game, the consideration of these tensions takes on a special significance and even poignancy. Skolnik finds that perhaps even in its contradictions, baseball can still be interpreted as a living symbol and expression of America. But no baseball book should be too serious. Juicy quotations from the players, dramatic incidents, lively play-by-play accounts, and turn-of-the-century illustrations add spice and zest to a book that every thoughtful fan ofbaseball is certain to savor.

The Sorting Of Soul 682

Author: Bruce Peltzer
Publisher: AuthorHouse
ISBN: 1491818328
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The Sorting Of Soul 682 from the Author: Bruce Peltzer. What if you get one last chance? What if testing your soul is the last gift of God’s grace? “Dark and twisted” “As soon as you get in, you want out but you find you can’t, until the end” All he had to do was perform one act of love, one act of kindness. All he had to do was perform one act of compassion for another, to get back. What if you had to be tested? WHAT IF?

The Old Ball Game

Author: Frank Deford
Publisher: Grove/Atlantic, Inc.
ISBN: 1555846270
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The Old Ball Game from the Author: Frank Deford. In The Old Ball Game, Frank Deford, NPR sports commentator and Sports Illustrated journalist retells the story of an unusual friendship between two towering figures in baseball history. At the turn of the twentieth century, Christy Mathewson was one of baseball's first superstars. Over six feet tall, clean cut, and college educated, he didn't pitch on the Sabbath and rarely spoke an ill word about anyone. He also had one of the most devastating arms in all of baseball. New York Giants manager John McGraw, by contrast, was ferocious. The pugnacious tough guy was already a star infielder who, with the Baltimore Orioles, helped develop a new, scrappy style of baseball, with plays like the hit-and-run, the Baltimore chop, and the squeeze play. When McGraw joined the Giants in 1902, the Giants were coming off their worst season ever. Yet within three years, Mathewson clinched New York City's first World Series for McGraw's team by throwing three straight shutouts in only six days, an incredible feat that is invariably called the greatest World Series performance ever. Because of their wonderful odd-couple association, baseball had its first superstar, the Giants ascended into legend, and baseball as a national pastime bloomed.

Plays From New River 2

Author: M.Z. Ribalow
Publisher: McFarland
ISBN: 0786472758
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Plays From New River 2 from the Author: M.Z. Ribalow. "This second volume showcaes a place where gifted writers are paid and nurtured to write whatever they most want to write. Feasting on Cardigans explores with whimsical humor a pair of dedicated exterminators. Tiger in the Tree is an intriguing thriller.Baseball Game of the Week is a funny meditation on progress, memory and baseball"--Provided by publisher.

Death At The Ballpark

Author: Robert M. Gorman
Publisher: McFarland
ISBN: 0786479329
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Death At The Ballpark from the Author: Robert M. Gorman. When we think of baseball, we think of sunny days and leisurely outings at the ballpark--rarely do thoughts of death come to mind. Yet during the game's history, hundreds of players, coaches and spectators have died while playing or watching the National Pastime. In its second edition, this ground-breaking study provides the known details for 150 years of game-related deaths, identifies contributing factors and discusses resulting changes to game rules, protective equipment, crowd control and stadium structures and grounds. Topics covered include pitched and batted-ball fatalities, weather and field condition accidents, structural failures, fatalities from violent or risky behavior and deaths from natural causes.

Out At The Old Ball Game

Author: Bernie Bookbinder
Publisher: Bridge Works Publishing Company
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Out At The Old Ball Game from the Author: Bernie Bookbinder. Initially appalled by his star player's revelation, the manager of the New York Gents decides to reveal his other gay players, recruit them into the first all-homosexual team, and show them how to turn derision into respect. IP.

Baseball S Greatest Hit

Author: Andy Strasberg
Publisher: Hal Leonard Publishing Corporation
ISBN: 9781423431886
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Baseball S Greatest Hit from the Author: Andy Strasberg. This special-edition book/CD--authored by three baseball insiders and history experts--relates how Take Me Out to the Ball Game" has won a unique and permanent place in the cultural landscape.

Forbes Field

Author: David Cicotello
Publisher: McFarland
ISBN: 078642754X
Size: 49.69 MB
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Forbes Field from the Author: David Cicotello. "From its 1909 construction through the final game on June 28,1970, this volume presents a detailed look at the history and background of Forbes Field, home to the Pittsburgh Pirates for 62 seasons. Focusing on firsthand experience, the work contains thereminiscences of more than 55 former players, managers and club officials of the Pittsburgh Pirates"--Provided by publisher.