Assimilate Or Go Home

Author: D. L. Mayfield
Publisher: HarperCollins
ISBN: 0062388819
Size: 46.35 MB
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Assimilate Or Go Home from the Author: D. L. Mayfield. From childhood, D.L. Mayfield longed to be a missionary, so she was thrilled when the opportunity arose to work with a group of Somali Bantu refugees in her hometown of Portland, OR. As the days, months, and years went by, her hopeful enthusiasm began to wear off, her faith became challenged, and the real work of learning to love and serve her neighbors grew harder, deeper, and more complex. She writes: “The more I failed to communicate the love of God to my refugee friends, the more I experienced it for myself. The more overwhelmed I felt as I became involved in the myriads of problems facing my friends who experience poverty in America, the less pressure I felt to attain success or wealth or prestige. And the more my world started to expand at the edges of my periphery, the more it became clear that life was more beautiful and more terrible than I had been told.” In this collection of stunning and surprising essays, Mayfield invites readers to reconsider their concepts of justice, love, and reimagine being a citizen of this world and the upside-down kingdom of God.

Author: Lauren Groff
Publisher: Nash Format (PublishDrive)
ISBN: 6177388329
Size: 21.15 MB
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from the Author: Lauren Groff. В центрі сюжету — життя успішного драматурга Ланселота «Лотто» і його коханої дружини Матильди, яка усе життя провела в тіні чоловіка. Дія роману розгортається у Нью-Йорку впродовж двадцяти п’яти років. Але одного дня стає зрозуміло, що самозакоханий геній Лотто — лише маріонетка в руках своєї дружини. Зовні ідеальний шлюб іде тріщинами: повага поступається місцем брехні, кохання — інтригам.

Transnationalism From Below

Author: Michael Peter Smith
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1351301225
Size: 49.32 MB
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Transnationalism From Below from the Author: Michael Peter Smith. Expansion of transnational capital and mass media to even the remotest of places has provoked a spate of discourse on transnationalism. A core theme hi this debate is the penetration of national cultures and political systems by global and local driving forces. The nation-state is seen as weakened by transnational capital, global media, and emergent supranational political institutions. It also faces the decentering local resistances of the informal economy, ethnic nationalism, and grass-roots activism. Transnationalism From Below brings together a rich combination of theoretical and grounded studies of transnational processes and practices, discussing both their positive and negative aspects. The editors examine the scope and limits of transnationalism. The volume is divided into four parts: "Theorizing Transnationalism"; "Transnational Economic and Political Agency"; "Constructing Transnational Localities"; and "Transnational Practices and Cultural Reinscription." Contriburtors include Andre C. Drainville, Josephine Smart, Alan Smart, Minna Nyberg S0rensen, George Fouron, Nina Glick Schiller, Luin Goldring, Sarah J. Mahler, Linda Miller Matthei, Louisa Schein, David A. Smith, and Robert C. Smith. Moving easily between micro and macro analyses, this book expands the boundaries of the current scholarship on transnationalism, locates new forms of transnational agency, and poses provocative questions that challenge prevailing interpretations of globalization. Transnationalism From Below is a pioneering collection that will make a significant addition to the libraries of anthropologists, sociologists, international relations specialists, urban planners, political scientists, and policymakers.

The Politics Of Home

Author: J. Duyvendak
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 0230305075
Size: 14.16 MB
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The Politics Of Home from the Author: J. Duyvendak. This book examines ideas of 'home' of Americans and Western Europeans under the influence of the two major revolutions of our times: the gender revolution and increased mobility due to globalization. It analyzes how 'home' has been politicized, as well as alternative home-making strategies that aim to transcend the 'logic of identities'.

Falling Free

Author: Shannan Martin
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
ISBN: 0718077474
Size: 20.37 MB
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Falling Free from the Author: Shannan Martin. “Shannan’s story feels at once familiar and spectacular, ordinary and exceptional. You will discover that at the same time her words make you squirm, you will wish you lived next door to her. You will want her wisdom and you will want her pickles.” —Jen Hatmaker (from the foreword) Shannan Martin had the perfect life: a cute farmhouse on six rambling acres, a loving husband, three adorable kids, money, friends, a close-knit church—a safe, happy existence. But when the bottom dropped out through a series of shocking changes and ordinary inconveniences, the Martins followed God’s call to something radically different: a small house on the other side of the urban tracks, a shoestring income, a challenged public school, and the harshness of a county jail (where her husband is now chaplain). And yet the family’s plunge from “safety” was the best thing that could have happened to them. Falling Free charts their pilgrimage from the self-focused wisdom of the world to the topsy-turvy life of God’s more being found in less. Martin’s practical, sweetly subversive book invites us to rethink assumptions about faith and the good life, push past insecurity and fear, and look beyond comfortable, middle-class Christianity toward a deeper, richer, and ultimately more fulfilling life.

Building Sanctuary

Author: Jessica Squires
Publisher: UBC Press
ISBN: 0774825278
Size: 15.30 MB
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Building Sanctuary from the Author: Jessica Squires. Canada enjoys a reputation as a peaceable kingdom. Yet during the Vietnam War era, Canadians met American war resisters not with open arms but with political obstacles and public resistance, and the border remained closed to what were then called "draft dodgers" and "deserters." Between 1965 and 1973, a small but active cadre of Canadian antiwar groups and peace activists launched campaigns to open the border. Jessica Squires tells their story, often in their own words, bringing to light how these men and women shaped Canadian immigration policy, Canadian identity, and the course of Canadian-American relations in their quest to transform Canada into a refuge from militarism.

Dangerous Territory

Author: Amy Peterson
Publisher: Discovery House
ISBN: 1627076387
Size: 30.28 MB
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Dangerous Territory from the Author: Amy Peterson. Amy Peterson grew up in church, where she loved the adventurous stories of missionaries in foreign countries who won people to the Lord. After college, she was ready to “do big things for God” on the mission field herself. Dangerous Territory is a captivating memoir that tells Amy’s personal journey from wide-eyed adventurer to questioning believer to simply a beloved child of God. Her story will challenge your notion of “mission work,” showing how you can have a vital relationship with God that naturally spills over to affect others.

Author: Ben Horowitz
Publisher: Nash Format
ISBN: 617727921X
Size: 26.23 MB
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from the Author: Ben Horowitz. Бізнес-гуру, інвестор Кремнієвої долини, американський підприємець Бен Горовіц написав відверту книгу про бізнес, не подібну до сотні видань штибу «Як створити власну справу і досягнути успіху». Автор не пропонує готових рецептів успіху й аргументовано пояснює, чому таких рецептів не існує. Горовіц розповідає, що в бізнесі, як і в житті, передусім потрібно розмежовувати своє сприйняття і факти, особисте та професійне, і тоді навіть рішення звільнити кращого товариша ні для кого не стане катастрофою. Навіть якщо під вашим керівництвом працює найталановитіший працівник, який здобув визнання у професійних колах, саме ви вирішуєте, чи потрібен його нестерпний характер і великий талант вашій компанії. Увесь свій досвід керування людьми, боротьбу з їхніми інтригами, пошуки найкращих фахівців Бен Горовіц подає як інструкцію до дії, зрозумілу кожному. Бізнес-дійсність — нещадна, наче життя у гетто, про яке співають часто цитовані автором репери. А ваші шанси виграти дорівнюють шансам програти. Тому ця книга не для тих, хто шукає легких відповідей, а для тих, хто знає: запитань завжди більше, ніж відповідей, а перемагають у бізнесі тільки найвідважніші.

Reconstructing Citizenship

Author: Miriam Feldblum
Publisher: SUNY Press
ISBN: 9780791442692
Size: 45.21 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Reconstructing Citizenship from the Author: Miriam Feldblum. Provides the most comprehensive analysis of the rise of citizenship conflict in contemporary France.