The Arrows Of Time

Author: Laura Mersini-Houghton
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 3642232590
Size: 58.60 MB
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The Arrows Of Time from the Author: Laura Mersini-Houghton. The concept of time has fascinated humanity throughout recorded history, and it remains one of the biggest mysteries in science and philosophy. Time is clearly one of the fundamental building blocks of the universe and thus a deeper understanding of nature at a fundamental level also demands a comprehension of time. Furthermore, the origins of the universe are closely intertwined with the puzzle of time: Did time emerge at the Big Bang? Why does the arrow of time ‘conspire’ with the order of the initial state of the universe? This book addresses many of the most important questions about time: What is time, and is it fundamental or emergent? Why is there such an arrow of time, closely related to the initial state of the universe, and why do the cosmic, thermodynamic and other arrows agree? These issues are discussed here by leading experts, and each offers a new perspective on the debate. Their contributions delve into the most difficult research topic in physics, also describing the latest cutting edge research on the subject. The book also offers readers a comparison between the different outlooks of philosophy, physics and cosmology on the puzzle of time. This volume is intended to be useful for research purposes, but most chapters are also accessible to a more general audience of scientifically educated readers looking for deeper insights.

Arrow Of Time And Reality In Search Of A Conciliation

Author: Anne Magnon
Publisher: World Scientific
ISBN: 9814497800
Size: 21.57 MB
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Arrow Of Time And Reality In Search Of A Conciliation from the Author: Anne Magnon. What is Reality? What is the role of human consciousness in the shaping of such a concept? These questions are as old as mankind and gave rise to the MIND-MATTER dualism which preoccupied so many physicists: Schrödinger, Wigner, etc. This book considers the problem within the realm of contemporary physics, and shows that it could be related to that of ultimate entities. The author develops the viewpoint according to which human thinking activities are fruit of the Cosmos and of its combinatorial activity. Ultimate entities, the bricks out of which our universe is made, could be hidden, as a primordial alphabet, in the foundations of the pyramid of increasing complexity, which seems to unfold as a language and to culminate in the emergence of organized and thinking structures. This is analyzed in the context of cosmological screening and horizons (an expression of our lack of access to totality) where macroscopic and microscopic can mingle, where a unification of interactions and a matching of available arrows of time can take place. This context is also that of quantum evaporation of particle-antiparticle like entities, which triggers entropy increase, and of the overlap between General Relativity and Quantum Mechanics. The problem of an (global) origin of the cruising (and evanescent) “Now” is considered. A creative principle (reminiscent of the biological mitosis) is also presented which is the generator of the “event” through breaking of temporal symmetry. In this perspective, time-flow is an emergent concept: Creation of the World is declined priority on the concept of “coming into existence”. Participant to the origin of the World, all (possibly virtual) processes are able to culminate into the phenomenon of consciousness and Self-Awareness. Contents:IntroductionMagnetic Monopoles and Causality ViolationsCausality Violation and Unification of Coupling ConstantsLong Range Unified Interaction and Temporally First CauseUnification in the Foam-Like TopologyCausality, Determinism and Orientability“Asymptotes” to the Phenomenon of Gravity and Remarks on Physical RealityPT InvarianceMonopoles and Quantum RegimePT Violation: Onset of a Time-ArrowEntropy Sinks and Emergence of Organized StructuresUnification and the Role of Time-ArrowsTime-Latency, Time-Flow and Universal Blue-PrintOpinions on Creation and Reality Readership: Theoretical physicists (gravitational) and biophysicists. keywords:Interface Cosmology and Biophysics;Life and Time Irreversibility at the Interface of Quantum Bifurcations (Broken Symmetries) and Space-Time Geometry;Decoherence Problem, Quantum Gravity, Grand Unification;Logical Foundations of Observability and Information;Reality and Causal Perception

Arrow Of Time

Author: Chew Lawrence
Publisher: Partridge Publishing Singapore
ISBN: 1482823608
Size: 14.39 MB
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Arrow Of Time from the Author: Chew Lawrence. To read his poems is to be invited into the swirling vortex of quantum physics, philosophy, evolutionary biology and personal biography. Engaging with them is not only a stimulating intellectual exercise it may lead the reader to ponder the nature of the universe and our place in it. In these poems, you meet the defiance of modern man, stripped of the easy consolations of God, conversing with silent space. This conversation vacillates from harshness in its relentless logic to tenderness in its lyricism. They do not diminish the human condition nor our unique penchant to seek meaning; but rather counsels a sense of proportion in our reactions to life's vicissitudes when placed in a cosmic scale. Jeffery Lee (Singapore Poet) Now on the poems you sent me: they are unique; they carry me along with your carefully chosen words; I cannot describe them because of the sweet meaning you have put hidden all throughout your poems, “amazing”. Christian Jay, Senior Publishing Consultant

Time S Arrows Today

Author: Steven F. Savitt
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9780521599450
Size: 37.20 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Time S Arrows Today from the Author: Steven F. Savitt. While it may seem indisputable that time flows in a linear fashion (from past to future), there are a number of philosophical and physical objections to this notion. In the quest to make sense of this conundrum, philosophers and physicists confront fascinating and irresistible questions such as whether effects can precede causes, and whether one can travel in time. In this book, eleven eminent scholars who stand at the boundary between physics and philosophy attempt to answer these questions. There are chapters by W. Unruh and H. Price on cosmology; A. Leggett, P. Stamp, and S. McCall on quantum theory; M. Barrett, E. Sober, and L. Sklar on thermodynamics, and P. Horwich and J. Earman on time travel. The book will be enjoyed by anyone of a speculative turn of mind fascinated by the puzzle of time.

Direction Of Time

Author: Sergio Albeverio
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 3319027980
Size: 23.12 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Direction Of Time from the Author: Sergio Albeverio. This edited book presents the problems of time and direction from an interdisciplinary point of view, concentrating in particular on the following relations: • Time and physics • Time, philosophy and psychology • Time, mathematics and information theory It is a unique contribution by philosophers and scientists who are active in mathematics, physics, biology, engineering, information theory and psychology. Questions such as the existence of a Big Bang, the neurobiological basis regarding the coexistence of free will and determinism, intercultural aspects of time, mathematical models of time, psychopathological features of time, and micro reversibility versus macroscopic irreversibility are studied. It also provides a truly interdisciplinary study of the problematic 'arrow of time'.

Broken Arrow Of Time

Author: Bloyd
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 059517874X
Size: 75.77 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Broken Arrow Of Time from the Author: Bloyd. This fine example of critical writing examines the arrow of time as it is conceived by theoretical physicists. Exploring areas in science from quantum theory and relativity to cognitive science and philosophy, the book appeals to a more classical realism, approaching a work tempered for the conservative scientist while remaining provocative enough to challenge any reader. The arguments are build upon currently accepted theory, however, the radical conclusion reveals a surprisingly consistent view between classical and modern physics, illustrating how classical physics can be reasonably advanced, instead of replaced, to account for contemporary theory. To accomplish this coherent view, all that is required is a shift in the way we think about time. By simply demystifying the arrow of time, we can begin to see how the inexplicable nature of modern physics, such as “quantum weirdness,” is not only comprehensible but is exactly what we would expect from our theories. Though this conclusion is counter to the consensus in the physics of the last century, the book is highly persuasive. Indeed, it may just compel every reader to rethink the predicament in today’s theoretical physics.

Time S Arrows And Quantum Measurement

Author: Lawrence S. Schulman
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9780521567756
Size: 16.58 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Time S Arrows And Quantum Measurement from the Author: Lawrence S. Schulman. An introduction to the arrow of time and a new, related, theory of quantum measurement.

The Arrow Of Time

Author: Roger Highfield
Publisher: Random House
ISBN: 0753551799
Size: 62.28 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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The Arrow Of Time from the Author: Roger Highfield. In our century, the subject of time has become an area of serious inquiry for science. Theories that contain time as a simple quantity form the basis of our understanding of many scientific disciplines, yet the debate rages on: why does there seem to be a direction to time, an arrow of time pointing from past to future? In this authoritative and accessible Sunday Times bestseller, physical chemist Dr Peter Coveney and award-winning science journalist Dr Roger Highfield demonstrate that the common sense view of time agrees with the most advanced scientific theory. Time does in fact move like an arrow, shooting forward into what is genuinely unknown, leaving the past immutably behind. The authors make their case by exploring three centuries of science, offering bold reinterpretations of Newton’s mechanics, Einstein’s special and general theories of relativity, quantum mechanics, and advancing the insights of chaos theory. In their voyage through science the authors link apparently irreconcilable subjects, from Einstein’s obsession with causality to chaos theory, from Marvell’s winged chariot to that Monday morning feeling. Finally, drawing together the various interpretations of time, they describe a novel way to give it a sense of direction. And they call for a new fundamental theory to take account of the Arrow of Time. Foreword by Ilya Prigogine, Nobel laureate.

Instabilities And Nonequilibrium Structures Vii Viii

Author: Orazio Descalzi
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9781402018251
Size: 16.50 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Instabilities And Nonequilibrium Structures Vii Viii from the Author: Orazio Descalzi. The contents of this book correspond to Sessions VII and VIII of the International Workshop on Instabilities and Nonequilibrium Structures which took place in Viña del Mar, Chile, in December 1997 and December 1999, respectively. Part I is devoted to self-contained courses. Three courses are related to new developments in Bose-Einstein condensation: the first one by Robert Graham studies the classical dynamics of excitations of Bose condensates in anisotropic traps, the second by Marc Etienne Brachet refers to the bifurcations arising in attractive Bose-Einstein condensates and superfluid helium and the third course by André Verbeure is a pedagogical introduction to the subject with special emphasis on first principles and rigorous results. Part I is completed by two courses given by Michel Moreau: the first one on diffusion limited reactions of particles with fluctuating activity and the second on the phase boundary dynamics in a one dimensional nonequilibrium lattice gas. Part II includes a selection of invited seminars at both Workshops.

Complexity And The Arrow Of Time

Author: Charles H. Lineweaver
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 110702725X
Size: 48.10 MB
Format: PDF
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Complexity And The Arrow Of Time from the Author: Charles H. Lineweaver. There is a widespread assumption that the universe in general, and life in particular, is 'getting more complex with time'. This book brings together a wide range of experts in science, philosophy and theology and unveils their joint effort in exploring this idea. They confront essential problems behind the theory of complexity and the role of life within it: what is complexity? When does it increase, and why? Is the universe evolving towards states of ever greater complexity and diversity? If so, what is the source of this universal enrichment? This book addresses those difficult questions, and offers a unique cross-disciplinary perspective on some of the most profound issues at the heart of science and philosophy. Readers will gain insights in complexity that reach deep into key areas of physics, biology, complexity science, philosophy and religion.