Arbeitszeitmodelle Der Zukunft Inkl Arbeitshilfen Online

Author: Ulrike Hellert
Publisher: Haufe-Lexware
ISBN: 3648050230
Size: 16.77 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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Arbeitszeitmodelle Der Zukunft Inkl Arbeitshilfen Online from the Author: Ulrike Hellert. Angesichts des bevorstehenden Fachkräftemangels, dem sozialen Wertewandel und der Notwendigkeit einer gesunden Work-Life-Balance sind Unternehmen gefordert, verstärkt flexible Arbeitszeitlösungen für ihre Mitarbeiter anzubieten und umzusetzen. Die Autorin erklärt wissenschaftlich fundiert die Gestaltungsmöglichkeiten durch Funktionszeit, Teilzeit und Telearbeit oder flexible Arbeitszeitkonten. Zahlreiche Praxisbeispiele helfen Ihnen, Zeitkompetenz aufzubauen und maßgeschneiderte Arbeitszeitmodelle umzusetzen.

The Design Of The Aeroplane

Author: Darrol Stinton
Publisher: Wiley-Blackwell
ISBN: 9780632054015
Size: 71.88 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The Design Of The Aeroplane from the Author: Darrol Stinton. The new edition of this classic textbook, used by universities, training schools, industry and enthusiasts, has been extended to feature a number of new studies in practical aeroplane design. Mathematics – which general readers may skip – is the minimum needed to work out common sense shapes, aimed at meeting the certification requirements of the three world airworthiness authorities: FAA (USA), British CAA and European JAA. Land and seaplanes are included, from microlight and commuter, to a 30–seat surface–effect (ekranoplan) regional transport, to satisfy specific markets. A new chapter, on "Using the back of an envelope", shows how to make "ballpark" technical judgements. Darrol Stinton MBE, PhD, CEng, FRAeS, FRINA, MIMechE, RAF(Retd) was born in New Zealand and grew up in England. He is qualified test pilot and aeronautical engineer who worked in the design offices of the Blackburn and De Havilland aircraft companies before joining the RAF. His test flying spanned 35 years and more than 340 types of aircraft, first as an experimental test pilot at Farnborough; then 20 years as airworthiness certification test pilot for the UK Civil Aviation Authority on light aeroplanes and seaplanes, before turning freelance. He has lectured regularly at the Empire Test Pilots′ School, Loughborough University, the Royal Aeronautical Society (of which he is pas Vice President), and the Royal Institution of Naval Architects. His company specializes in cross–fertilization between aircraft and marine craft design and operation.

Goldilocks Returns

Author: Lisa Campbell Ernst
Publisher: Paw Prints
ISBN: 9781442046535
Size: 60.40 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Goldilocks Returns from the Author: Lisa Campbell Ernst. Many years go by and the now elderly Goldilocks is a professional locksmith, yet guilt over her past leads her back to the bears' cabin where she makes amends by filling their cabinets with food and fixing their furniture. Reprint.

By The People

Author: Susan J. Ellis
Publisher: Energize Books
ISBN: 9780940576414
Size: 35.82 MB
Format: PDF
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By The People from the Author: Susan J. Ellis. Most history books paint our past with portraits of presidents, generals, and captains of industry. By the People introduces the multitude of citizens who stood on the front lines when history was being made--the volunteers and associates that shaped us as a people, from the Social Compact of 1620 to the Underground Railroad before the Civil War and the women's suffrage movement.

Springer Handbook Of Automation

Author: Shimon Y. Nof
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 354078831X
Size: 77.89 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Springer Handbook Of Automation from the Author: Shimon Y. Nof. This handbook incorporates new developments in automation. It also presents a widespread and well-structured conglomeration of new emerging application areas, such as medical systems and health, transportation, security and maintenance, service, construction and retail as well as production or logistics. The handbook is not only an ideal resource for automation experts but also for people new to this expanding field.

Your First 100 Days

Author: Niamh O'Keeffe
Publisher: Pearson UK
ISBN: 0273751816
Size: 51.13 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Your First 100 Days from the Author: Niamh O'Keeffe. This book will coach you through the real-time challenge of the first 100 days in a new role, providing an all-in-one solution through a combination of structured planning, commercial insight and leadership coaching, all in a deliberately concise 100 minute speed-read. The first 100 days in a job are a pressurised moment of need, this book addresses both the practical and emotional challenges faced by leaders, offering realistic guidance, thoughtful insights, and useful advice in bite-sized portions, which are easily understood and immediately implementable.

Data For The People

Author: Andreas Weigend
Publisher: Basic Books
ISBN: 0465096530
Size: 16.47 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Data For The People from the Author: Andreas Weigend. A long-time chief data scientist at Amazon shows how open data can make everyone, not just corporations, richer Every time we Google something, Facebook someone, Uber somewhere, or even just turn on a light, we create data that businesses collect and use to make decisions about us. In many ways this has improved our lives, yet, we as individuals do not benefit from this wealth of data as much as we could. Moreover, whether it is a bank evaluating our credit worthiness, an insurance company determining our risk level, or a potential employer deciding whether we get a job, it is likely that this data will be used against us rather than for us. In Data for the People, Andreas Weigend draws on his years as a consultant for commerce, education, healthcare, travel and finance companies to outline how Big Data can work better for all of us. As of today, how much we benefit from Big Data depends on how closely the interests of big companies align with our own. Too often, outdated standards of control and privacy force us into unfair contracts with data companies, but it doesn't have to be this way. Weigend makes a powerful argument that we need to take control of how our data is used to actually make it work for us. Only then can we the people get back more from Big Data than we give it. Big Data is here to stay. Now is the time to find out how we can be empowered by it.