Two Arabs A Berber And A Jew

Author: Lawrence Rosen
Publisher: University of Chicago Press
ISBN: 022631748X
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Two Arabs A Berber And A Jew from the Author: Lawrence Rosen. In this remarkable work by seasoned scholar Lawrence Rosen, we follow the fascinating intellectual developments of four ordinary Moroccans over the span of forty years. Walking and talking with Haj Hamed Britel, Yaghnik Driss, Hussein Qadir, and Shimon Benizri—in a country that, in a little over a century, has gone from an underdeveloped colonial outpost to a modern Arab country in the throes of economic growth and religious fervor—Rosen details a fascinating plurality of viewpoints on culture, history, and the ways both can be dramatically transformed. Through the intellectual lives of these four men, this book explores a number of interpretative and theoretical issues that have made Arab culture distinct, especially in relationship to the West: how nothing is ever hard and fast, how everything is relational and always a product of negotiation. It showcases the vitality of the local in a global era, and it contrasts Arab notions of time, equality, and self with those in the West. Likewise, Rosen unveils his own entanglement in their world and the drive to keep the analysis of culture first and foremost, even as his own life enmeshes itself in those of his study. An exploration of faith, politics, history, and memory, this book highlights the world of everyday life in Arab society in ways that challenge common notions and stereotypes.

The Story Of A Life 2

Author: Colonel Moyle Sherer
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The Story Of A Life 2 from the Author: Colonel Moyle Sherer.

History Of The Arabs

Author: Philip K. Hitti
Publisher: Macmillan International Higher Education
ISBN: 1137130326
Size: 36.21 MB
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History Of The Arabs from the Author: Philip K. Hitti. This classic history of the Arab peoples is a work of great thoroughness and insight which contains much to satisfy general readers as well as scholars. Here is the story of the rise of Islam in the Middle Ages, its conquests, its empire, its time of greatness and of decay, unrolling one of the richest and most instructive panoramas in history. For this reissue of the tenth edition, Walid Khalidi gives a brief overview of the history and content of the book, and emphasises the vital importance of Philip K. Hitti's magisterial and scholarly work to on-going attempts to bridge the Arab/Western cultural divide.

Postcolonial Voices From Downunder

Author: Jione Havea
Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers
ISBN: 1532605870
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Postcolonial Voices From Downunder from the Author: Jione Havea. How do indigenous matters inform, irritate and advance postcolonial theologies and postcolonial biblical criticisms? What options emerge from confronting readings of religious, customary, scriptural, political and cultural texts, traditions, leanings, bodies and anxieties? These two questions epitomize the concerns that the contributors address in this collection. The postcolonial voices that come together between the covers of this book show that indigenous subjects and heritages do matter in the theological and hermeneutical business, for we all have something to learn from First Peoples, and that theologians and biblical critics have much to gain from (and offer to) confronting and troubling traditional views and fears. Together in this book, the postcolonial voices from Downunder (geographically: Oceania, Pasifika; ideologically: marginalized, minoritized) confront political and religious bodies, including Christian churches, on account of their participation in and justification of the occupation and poaching of native lands, wisdom, wealth, and titles. This book is for First Peoples and Second Peoples, whether they are down under or up yonder, who are curious about possible advents of postcolonial theologies and postcolonial biblical criticisms in the future.

The Wildfowler A Treatise On Fowling Ancient And Modern History Of Shooting Series Wildfowling

Author: H. Folkard
Publisher: Read Books Ltd
ISBN: 1447487168
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The Wildfowler A Treatise On Fowling Ancient And Modern History Of Shooting Series Wildfowling from the Author: H. Folkard. Originally published in 1859, this scarce early work on Wildfowling in all its various forms, is both expensive and hard to find in any edition. We have now republished the third and best edition of 1875, using the original text and engravings. The author was an acknowledged expert in the art of wildfowling, and this book is probably the best researched and most descriptive early title on this increasingly popular field sport. It ranks among the highest class of sporting literature. The book's substantial four hundred and thirty six pages contain numerous comprehensive chapters, including: Fowling; Ancient Methods; History of Decoys (nine chapters); Decoy Ducks; The Flight Pond; Wild Fowl Shooting; The Fowler's Dog; Language of Wild Fowl; Flight of Wild Fowl; The Gunning Punt; Punt Guns; Management of the Punt Gun; Punting by Daylight; The Sailing Punt; Night Punting; Goose Shooting; The Quarry (20 detailed chapters); Wild Swan Shooting; Shooting Yachts, Boats and Canoes; The Cripple Chase; Wild Duck Shooting; Coastal Shooting; Fenland Shooting; Methods of Capturing Woodcock; Laws Affecting Wild Fowl; Fowling Abroad (11 chapters); Rock Fowling in The Shetlands, Orkney and St. Kilda; Wildfowling Ashore by Night; Snipe and Woodcock Shooting; Etc, etc. The contents are nicely illustrated with full page steel engravings and several wood-cuts. This is a fascinating read for any dedicated shooting man, fowler, or historian of the sport, but also contains much information that is still useful and practical today.

Historiography In Saudi Arabia

Author: Jörg Matthias Determann
Publisher: I.B.Tauris
ISBN: 0857723022
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Historiography In Saudi Arabia from the Author: Jörg Matthias Determann. Saudi Arabia is generally and justifiably viewed as a country with the fewest democratic institutions and the weakest traditions of pluralism in the world. It is therefore surprising to learn that at least in one corner of the Saudi world, there is a plurality voices. Jörg Matthias Determann brings this element to light by analysing an important field of cultural activity in Saudi Arabia: historical writing. By exploring the emergence of a plurality of historical narratives in the absence of formal political pluralism, Determann seeks to paint a more nuanced picture of Saudi Arabia than has previously been drawn. Since the 1920s local, tribal, Shi‘i and dynastic histories have contributed to a growing plurality of narratives, diverging from and contesting the histories which focus on the royal family. Instead, they have emphasized the communities’ historical independence from the House of Saud or asserting the communities’ importance in Saudi national history. In addition to this, during the 1970s, distinct social and economic histories began to be developed, new narratives which have described important historical events evolving from wider social and economic factors rather than resulting from the actions of individual rulers or communities. Paradoxically, this happened because of the expansion of the Saudi state, including state-provision of mass education. A variety of previously illiterate and relatively poor sections of Saudi society, including former Bedouin, were thus empowered to produce histories which, while conformist for the most part, also provided a vehicle for dissenting voices. Furthermore, Determann argues that this proliferation of alternative histories is also due to globalizing processes, such as the spread of the internet. It is through this phenomenon that narrative plurality has been facilitated, by putting Saudi historians in contact with different ideologies, methodologies and source material from abroad. In challenging the widely-held perception of Saudi Arabia as an irredeemably closed and monolithic society, Historiography in Saudi Arabia provides a deeper understanding of modern Arab historiography, the Saudi state, and education and scholarship in the Middle East.