Arab Society Routledge Revivals

Author: Samih K. Farsoun
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1134096186
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Arab Society Routledge Revivals from the Author: Samih K. Farsoun. The Arab world has long been subjected to super-power rivalry for influence and control. The area has been characterized by bloody conflict with Israel and the internal instability that has been particularly prevalent in the last few years. Whilst these political struggles have been highly visible and at times spectacular over the decades, other transformations have taken place within the societies and peoples of the region, on a less pronounced – although just as profound – scale. The integration of the region into the world economy and the spread of Islamic revivalism are perhaps the most significant of these transformations. This volume, inspired by a lecture series on the Arab world in transition at the American University, Washington D.C., was first published in 1985. It discusses a wide range of issues, from economic to religious, which together form an in-depth analysis of the complex processes of transformation in Arab society. This is a fascinating work that holds the same interest and value to scholars and students of Middle Eastern history, politics and domestic affairs, as it did when it was first published.

Marx And The End Of Orientalism Routledge Revivals

Author: Bryan S. Turner
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317646398
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Marx And The End Of Orientalism Routledge Revivals from the Author: Bryan S. Turner. First published in 1978, this title analyses a range of problems that arise in the study of North Africa and the Middle East, bridging the gap between studies of Sociology, Islam, and Marxism. Both Sociology and the study of Islam draw on an Orientalist tradition founded on an idealist epistemology, ethnocentric values and an evolutionary view of historical development. Bryan Turner challenges the basic assumptions of Orientalism by considering such issues as the social structure of Islamic society, the impact of capitalism in the Middle East, the effect of Israel on territories, revolutions, social classes and nationalism. A detailed and fascinating study, Marx and the End of Orientalism will be of particular interest to students studying the sociology of colonialism and development, Marxist sociology and sociological theory.

Social And Foreign Affairs In Iraq Routledge Revivals

Author: Saddam Hussein
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1135175934
Size: 66.54 MB
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Social And Foreign Affairs In Iraq Routledge Revivals from the Author: Saddam Hussein. First published in 1979, prior to the Iran-Iraq war, this important collection of speeches explains some of the strategic foundations of Iraq’s foreign and internal policies under the Ba’th Arab Socialist Party. This work concerns itself with aspects varying from advice on youth – ‘Let us win the young to safeguard the future’ –,to speeches on Iraq’s diplomatic relations. This fundamental work, concerning a historical and contemporary range of social and foreign affairs in Iraq, will be of considerable value to both political and diplomatic departments, and universities and research organisations involved with the Middle East. It is also of major significance to anyone with an interest in the rise to power of one of the twentieth century’s most infamous dictators.

A Dictionary Of Arabic And Islamic Proverbs

Author: Paul Lunde
ISBN: 9781138699014
Size: 67.35 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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A Dictionary Of Arabic And Islamic Proverbs from the Author: Paul Lunde. One of the quickest ways to understand a people or a culture is to learn their proverbs. This anthology, first published in 1984, compiles in dictionary form proverbs from the Islamic world, particularly the Middle East and North Africa. The Arabs were the first to gather and annotate their own proverbs - the earliest collections date from the ninth century AD. These proverbs - earthy, witty and wise - present a vivid portrait of the Islamic world, and provide a guide to the folk-wisdom of the Arabic-speaking and Islamic peoples.

The Routledge Handbook Of Contemporary Italy

Author: Andrea Mammone
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317487559
Size: 67.16 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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The Routledge Handbook Of Contemporary Italy from the Author: Andrea Mammone. The Routledge Handbook of Contemporary Italy provides a comprehensive account of Italy and Italian politics in the 21st Century. Featuring contributions from many leading scholars in the field, this Handbook is comprised of 28 chapters which are organized to deliver unparalleled analysis of Italian society, politics and culture. A wide range of topics are covered, including:Politics and economy, and their impact on Italian societyParties and new politicsRegionalism and migrationsPublic memoriesContinuities and transformations in contemporary Italian society.This is an essential reference work.

The Israeli Economy Routledge Revivals

Author: Yair Aharoni
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317950879
Size: 36.83 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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The Israeli Economy Routledge Revivals from the Author: Yair Aharoni. First published in 1991, during a significant stagnation in the Israeli economy, this title discusses the causes of the economic downturn, and assesses the country’s prospects. Throughout, Aharoni measures the economic problems Israel has endured against the social and economic successes it has been able to achieve. He highlights the incongruities of the aspirations of Israel’s founders and supporters and the reality, as well as the interplay of economic and political forces that have shaped this. With a detailed introduction to the ideology and development of the state of Israel, and a history of the Israeli economy and its institutional structure, this title will be of significant value to any student studying the economic history of Israel and the Middle East.

Muslim Christian Encounters Routledge Revivals

Author: William Montgomery Watt
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317820436
Size: 14.91 MB
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Muslim Christian Encounters Routledge Revivals from the Author: William Montgomery Watt. First published in 1991, this title explores the myths and misperceptions that have underpinned Muslim-Christian relations throughout history, and which endure to the current day. William Montgomery Watt describes how the myths originated and developed, and argues that both Muslims and Christians need to have a more accurate knowledge and positive appreciation of the other religion. Chapters discuss the Qur’anic perception of Christianity, attitudes to Greek philosophy and the relationship between Islam and Christianity in medieval Europe. Written by one of the leading authorities on Islam in the West, Muslim-Christian Encounters remains a relevant and vivid study and will be of particular value to students of Islam, religious history and sociology.

Problems Of A Sociology Of Knowledge Routledge Revivals

Author: Max Scheler
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1136233008
Size: 30.94 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Problems Of A Sociology Of Knowledge Routledge Revivals from the Author: Max Scheler. First Published in 1980, Manfred S. Frings’ translation of Problems of a Sociology of Knowledge makes available Max Scheler’s important work in sociological theory to the English-speaking world. The book presents the thinker’s views on man’s condition in the twentieth-century and places it in a broader context of human history. This book highlights Scheler as a visionary thinker of great intellectual strength who defied the pessimism that many of his peers could not avoid. He comments on the isolated, fragmented nature of man’s existence in society in the twentieth century but suggests that a ‘World-Age of Adjustment’ is on the brink of existence. Scheler argues that the approaching era is a time for the disjointed society of the twentieth-century to heal its fractures and a time for different forms of human knowledge to come together in global understanding.

Inside The Middle East Routledge Revivals

Author: Dilip Hiro
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1135048142
Size: 29.85 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Inside The Middle East Routledge Revivals from the Author: Dilip Hiro. First published in 1982, Inside the Middle East is a definitive study of the region. It provides a clear, concise description of the complex social, political and economic life of the Middle East. Beginning with an outline of the birth and growth of Islam in the Arabian Peninsula and the history of Israel and the Jews since 1020 B.C., the book is split in to five geographical and thematic parts. This thorough analysis in particular examines the forces at work within the Arab world, the domestic politics and economy of Israel and the state’s relationship with the West and the Soviet Bloc, and the relationship between the Arabs and the West since the Ottoman Empire. Dilip Hiro concludes with an overall analysis of the past in social, economic and political terms and considers the various possibilities for the future of the Middle East. Containing an unprecedented wealth of information and insight, this fascinating work presents a comprehensive understanding of the world’s richest and most volatile region. It remains of great relevance to scholars and students of Middle Eastern politics and history.

The Decrees Of Memphis And Canopus Vol I Routledge Revivals

Author: E. A. Wallis Budge
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317654919
Size: 45.78 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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The Decrees Of Memphis And Canopus Vol I Routledge Revivals from the Author: E. A. Wallis Budge. This is the first of three volumes exploring some of the most remarkable insights into Ancient Egypt to have come to light in modern times. The first two volumes deal with the Rosetta Stone, an outstanding archaeological discovery that has supplied the basis for Egyptian decipherment; the final volume explores the "Stele of Canopus", discovered in 1866. The significance of the Rosetta Stone lies in the three different languages that are inscribed onto it: Koine Greek, Demotic Egyptian, and, crucially, Hieroglyphic. This has facilitated a vast increase in our understanding of the sacred language of Ancient Egypt, as well as enhancing our understanding of the nature of kingship at a time of immense cultural transformation. First published in 1904, this reissue provides an accessible general introduction to this fascinating subject, useful for the amateur enthusiast as well as undergraduate students.