Approaching Disappearance

Author: Anne McConnell
Publisher: Columbia University Press
ISBN: 1564788415
Size: 52.81 MB
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Approaching Disappearance from the Author: Anne McConnell. Maurice Blanchot (1907Ð2003), one of the most influential figures of twentieth-century French literature, produced a wide variety of essays and fictions that reflect on the complexities of literary work. His description of writing continually returns to a number of themes, such as solitude, passivity, indifference, anonymity, and absenceÐforces confronting the writer, but also the reader, the text itself, and the relations between the three. For Blanchot, literature involves a movement toward disappearance, where one risks the loss of self; but such a sacrifice, says Blanchot, is inherent in the act of writing. Approaching Disappearance explores the question of disappearance in Blanchot's critical work and then turns to five narratives that offer a unique reflection on the threat of disappearance and the demands of literatureÐwork by Franz Kafka, Jorge Luis Borges, Louis-RenŽ Des Forts, and Nathalie Sarraute.

The Moon Of Wisdom

Author: Ari Goldfield
Publisher: Shambhala
ISBN: 9781559399470
Size: 29.68 MB
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The Moon Of Wisdom from the Author: Ari Goldfield. Nagarjuna, in his seminal text, The Fundamental Wisdom of the Middle Way, summarized the vast teachings of the Buddha and used logical reasoning to prove the validity of his words. Entering the Middle Way is Chandrakirti's explanation of Nagarjuna's work. Its sixth chapter, which comprises the majority of the text, has four main sections: an explanation of how in genuine reality phenomena do not truly arise; a refutation of the Mind-Only School's assertion that mind truly exists; a refutation of the true existence of the personal self; and an explanation of the sixteen emptinesses taught by"the Buddha in the Transcendent Wisdom Sutras. The Moon of Wisdom is thus a book that explains the Buddha's ultimate teachings, how to gain confidence in them, and how to put them into practice in one's"own life to the great benefit of oneself and others.


Author: Allyn Atadero
Publisher: Tate Publishing
ISBN: 1602477949
Size: 29.11 MB
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Missing from the Author: Allyn Atadero. Easily entranced by the surrounding nature, one can easily become misdirected; such is the story of Jaryd Atadero, the three-year-old son of Allyn Atadero. A day celebrating the beauty of God's handiwork turns into a father's worst nightmare as the sun sets on his only son, lost in the Colorado Mountains. A highly publicized search breaks into a national story as reports surfaced concerning Jaryd's whereabouts. Did Jaryd fall prey to a territorial mountain lion? Was he a victim of the elements? Did someone take Jaryd off the mountain? Missing is the personal account of a father's painful search to discover the truth. Accompany author and father Allyn Atadero as he ascends the mountain with hope, wades through grief and sorrow, and, by faith, makes his final descent in Missing: The Jaryd Atadero Story.

The Mysterious Disappearance Of Kurt Kramer Book 2 Book 1 Free

Author: Mike Wells
Publisher: Mike Wells
ISBN: 1465946845
Size: 55.68 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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The Mysterious Disappearance Of Kurt Kramer Book 2 Book 1 Free from the Author: Mike Wells. 17 year old Rachel is crazy about Kurt, but she���s not sure the feelings are mutual. When his parents invite her and his best friend on a family vacation in Aruba, they encounter a strange object on the beach. Kurt disappears. He begins communicating in bizarre ways that shake his family to the core. Rachel realizes that he���s stuck between worlds...she���s the only one who can bring him back.

Learn Teach Challenge

Author: Deanna Reder
Publisher: Wilfrid Laurier Univ. Press
ISBN: 1771121874
Size: 37.21 MB
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Learn Teach Challenge from the Author: Deanna Reder. This is a collection of classic and newly commissioned essays about the study of Indigenous literatures in North America. The contributing scholars include some of the most venerable Indigenous theorists, among them Gerald Vizenor (Anishinaabe), Jeannette Armstrong (Okanagan), Craig Womack (Creek), Kimberley Blaeser (Anishinaabe), Emma LaRocque (Métis), Daniel Heath Justice (Cherokee), Janice Acoose (Saulteaux), and Jo-Ann Episkenew (Métis). Also included are settler scholars foundational to the field, including Helen Hoy, Margery Fee, and Renate Eigenbrod. Among the newer voices are both settler and Indigenous theorists such as Sam McKegney, Keavy Martin, and Niigaanwewidam Sinclair. The volume is organized into five subject areas: Position, the necessity of considering where you come from and who you are; Imagining Beyond Images and Myths, a history and critique of circulating images of Indigenousness; Debating Indigenous Literary Approaches; Contemporary Concerns, a consideration of relevant issues; and finally Classroom Considerations, pedagogical concerns particular to the field. Each section is introduced by an essay that orients the reader and provides ideological context. While anthologies of literary criticism have focused on specific issues related to this burgeoning field, this volume is the first to offer comprehensive perspectives on the subject.

After America The Disappearance 2

Author: John Birmingham
Publisher: Pan Australia
ISBN: 9781742623078
Size: 68.51 MB
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After America The Disappearance 2 from the Author: John Birmingham. Our world went to hell on March 14, 2003. Four years after an inexplicable wave of energy decimated the American mainland, and then just as inexplicably disappeared a year later, US President James Kipper is no closer to explaining the catastrophe to the traumatised survivors. In a decaying New York City, an assassination attempt on the President prompts the suspicion that the looters overrunning Manhattan may be more organised and sinister than previously thought. Working on a farm in Texas to earn his citizenship, Miguel Pieraro believes in the promise of the New America. That is until tragedy cuts through his family. In the English countryside, Echelon agent Caitlin Monroe must once again fight for her life, a sharp reminder that her nemesis is active again. Then out of the smoking ruin of the Middle East comes an enemy that will be Kipper's toughest challenge yet. The battle for the Wild East is just beginning, but does this New America, and its gun-shy President, have the strength of will to destroy the past in order to save the future?

Compte Rendu

Publisher: IGME
ISBN: 9788474743005
Size: 50.21 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Compte Rendu from the Author: .

The Disappearing The Watching 2

Author: Ryan Casey
Publisher: Higher Bank Books
Size: 12.84 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The Disappearing The Watching 2 from the Author: Ryan Casey. 'An astonishing reading experience... Ryan Casey proves himself to be a writer of note, an important voice in modern storytelling...' - Timothy Amell, reviewer. Some secrets should stay secret. Fraser Whyte has a new job. But it isn't just any old job -- he's working as a secretary to the Prime Minister. For the first time in years, after suffering a dark tragedy, Fraser's life appears to be back on track. But strange things start to happen. A young boy disappears from the face of the planet in bewildering circumstances. As Fraser begins to do some digging, he uncovers a conspiracy that not only has personal repercussions on himself, but potential ripple effects for the entire human race. A terrifying discovery that changes Fraser's life and beliefs forever... Who are The Watching? You might think you know. The Disappearing is the second instalment in The Watching trilogy, a series of creepy horror books from author Ryan Casey. metaphysical horror, science fiction horror series, psychological horror mystery, dark disturbing british horror, supernatural conspiracy mystery, urban suspense, science fiction horror thriller

Performance Media And Technology

Author: Philip Auslander
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
ISBN: 9780415255141
Size: 75.54 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Performance Media And Technology from the Author: Philip Auslander. This collection reflects not only the multidisciplinary nature of current thinking about performance, but also the complex and contested nature of the concept itself.