Annie Muktuk And Other Stories

Author: Norma Dunning
Publisher: University of Alberta
ISBN: 1772122971
Size: 14.42 MB
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Annie Muktuk And Other Stories from the Author: Norma Dunning. Eskimo, now that's a word. White word. White word for white people to wrap around their pink tongues. Esquimaux. Spell it any way you want and it still comes out the same, skid row and all. - from "Kabloona Red" In Annie Muktuk and Other Stories, Norma Dunning portrays the unvarnished realities of northern life through gritty characters who find themselves in difficult situations. Dunning grew up in a silenced form of Aboriginality, experiencing racism, assimilation, and colonialism; as she began exploring her Inukness, her writing bubbled up to the surface. Her stories challenge southern perceptions of the north and Inuit life through evocative, nuanced voices accented with Inuktitut words and symbolism. As with Alootook Ipellie's work, these short stories bring Inuit life into the reality of the present. Robert Kroetsch series

In This Together

Author: Danielle Metcalfe-Chenail
Publisher: Brindle and Glass
ISBN: 1927366453
Size: 70.95 MB
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In This Together from the Author: Danielle Metcalfe-Chenail. What is real reconciliation? This collection of essays from both Indigenous and non-Indigenous contributors from across Canada welcomes readers into a timely, healing conversation—one we've longed for but, before now, have had a hard time approaching. These reflective and personal pieces come from journalists, writers, academics, visual artists, filmmakers, city planners, and lawyers, all of whom share their personal light-bulb moments regarding when and how they grappled with the harsh reality of colonization in Canada, and its harmful legacy. Without flinching, they look deeply and honestly at their own experiences and assumptions about race and racial divides in Canada in hopes that the rest of the country will do the same. Featuring a candid conversation between CBC radio host Shelagh Rogers and Chief Justice Sinclair, this book acts as a call for all Canadians to make reconciliation and decolonization a priority, and reminds us that once we know the history, we all have the responsibility—and ability—to make things better.

Life Among The Qallunaat

Author: Mini Aodla Freeman
Publisher: Univ. of Manitoba Press
ISBN: 0887554903
Size: 27.97 MB
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Life Among The Qallunaat from the Author: Mini Aodla Freeman. Life Among the Qallunaat is the story of Mini Aodla Freeman’s experiences growing up in the Inuit communities of James Bay and her journey in the 1950s from her home to the strange land and stranger customs of the Qallunaat, those living south of the Arctic. Her extraordinary story, sometimes humourous and sometimes heartbreaking, illustrates an Inuit woman’s movement between worlds and ways of understanding. It also provides a clear-eyed record of the changes that swept through Inuit communities in the 1940s and 1950s. Mini Aodla Freeman was born in 1936 on Cape Hope Island in James Bay. At the age of sixteen, she began nurse's training at Ste. Therese School in Fort George, Quebec, and in 1957 she moved to Ottawa to work as a translator for the then Department of Northern Affairs and Natural Resources. Her memoir, Life Among the Qallunaat, was published in 1978 and has been translated into French, German, and Greenlandic. Life Among the Qallunaat is the third book in the First Voices, First Texts series, which publishes lost or under appreciated texts by Indigenous writers. This reissue of Mini Aodla Freeman’s path-breaking work includes new material, an interview with the author, and an afterword by Keavy Martin and Julie Rak, with Norma Dunning.

Masks In The Tapestry

Author: Jean Lorrain
ISBN: 9781943813377
Size: 28.34 MB
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Masks In The Tapestry from the Author: Jean Lorrain. Jean Lorrain, one of the leading figures of the Decadent Movement, was a master of the conte cruel. Presented here, for the first time in English, are ten such tales: mock-fairytales that seem to pervert the innocence of their settings with a triumphant immorality, plunging the reader into an atmosphere of voluptuousness and sensuality.


Author: Elly Blue
Publisher: Bikes in Space
ISBN: 9781621062066
Size: 34.32 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Biketopia from the Author: Elly Blue. "This anthology of science fiction short stories features strong heroines using bicycles to navigate their utopian and dystopian future realities"--


Author: Gontran De Poncins
Size: 38.12 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Kabloona from the Author: Gontran De Poncins.

Bikes In Space

Author: Elly Blue
Publisher: Elly Blue Publishing
ISBN: 9781621067986
Size: 19.13 MB
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Bikes In Space from the Author: Elly Blue. A reader of science fiction since she was a child, Elly Blue elected to make this issue of Taking the Lane into a powerful tribute to feminist sci-fi about bicycles. It gravitates away from the unfortunately-traditional macho heroes, hurtling through space with giant guns, ready to protect and/or tame their scantily clad space babe. Elly's visions of the future are populated by strong, intelligent, empowered women with complex personalities. And it was a vision apparently shared by many! Help us fend off this space shark attack in style! Ieeeee!

Night In Erg Chebbi And Other Stories

Author: Edward Hamlin
Publisher: University of Iowa Press
ISBN: 1609383834
Size: 17.47 MB
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Night In Erg Chebbi And Other Stories from the Author: Edward Hamlin. Night in Erg Chebbi and Other Stories spans the globe, taking us from Belfast to Brazil, Morocco to Manhattan. The teenaged daughter of an IRA assassin flees Northern Ireland only to end up in Baby Doc’s terrifying Haiti. An American woman who’s betrayed her brother only to lose him to a Taliban bullet comes face to face with her demons during a vacation in Morocco. A famed photojournalist must find a way to bring her life’s work to closure before she goes blind, a quest that changes her understanding of the very physics of light. By turns innocent and canny, the characters of Night in Erg Chebbi and Other Stories must learn to improvise—quickly—when confronted with stark choices they never dreamed they’d have to make. Lyrical, immaculately constructed and deeply felt, these nine stories take us far beyond our comfort zones and deep into the wilds of the human heart.

Annie Stories

Author: Doris Brett
Publisher: Workman Publishing
Size: 76.62 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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Annie Stories from the Author: Doris Brett. Nine stories explore common childhood anxieties and fears about such subjects as nightmares, new babies, going to the hospital, starting school, sickness, divorce, and death

Brother West

Author: Cornel West
ISBN: 1458730026
Size: 37.22 MB
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Brother West from the Author: Cornel West. New York Times best-selling author Cornel West is one of America's most provocative and admired public intellectuals. Whether in the classroom, the streets, the prisons, or the church, Dr. West's penetrating brilliance has been a bright beacon shining through the darkness for decades. Yet, as he points out in this new memoir, ''I've never taken the time to focus on the inner dynamics of the dark precincts of my soul.That is, until now.Brother West is like its author: brilliant, unapologetic, full of passion yet cool. This poignant memoir traces West's transformation from a schoolyard Robin Hood into a progressive cultural icon. From his youthful investigation of the ''death shudder''to why he embraced his calling of teaching over preaching, from his three marriages and his two precious children to his near-fatal bout with prostate cancer, West illuminates what it means to live as ''an aspiring bluesman in a world of ideas and a jazzman in the life of the mind.''Woven together with the fibers of his lifelong commitment to the prophetic Christian tradition that began in Sacramento's Shiloh Baptist Church, Brother West is a tale of a man courageous enough to be fully human, living and loving out loud.