Ancient India

Author: Time-Life Books
Publisher: Time Life Education
ISBN: 0809490374
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Ancient India from the Author: Time-Life Books. Discusses the archaeology and civilizations of the Indus Valley, the Indo-Aryans of the Vedic era, the first Buddhists, and the Gupta empire

Ancient India

Author: Rebecca Rowell
Publisher: ABDO
ISBN: 1629693022
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Ancient India from the Author: Rebecca Rowell. The legacy of past civilizations is still with us today. In Ancient India, readers discover the history and impressive accomplishments of the people of ancient India, including their enduring religions and rich literary traditions. Engaging text provides details on the civilization's history, development, daily life, culture, art, technology, warfare, social organization, and more. Well-chosen maps and images of artifacts bring the past to life. Aligned to Common Core Standards and correlated to state standards. Essential Library is an imprint of Abdo Publishing.

Literature Connections To World History 712 Resources To Enhance And Entice

Author: Lynda G. Adamson
Publisher: ABC-CLIO
ISBN: 031307755X
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Literature Connections To World History 712 Resources To Enhance And Entice from the Author: Lynda G. Adamson. Identifying thousands of historical fiction novels, biographies, history trade books, CD-ROMs, and videotapes, these books help you locate resources on world history for students. Each is divided into two sections. In the first part, titles are listed according to grade levels within specific geographic areas and time periods. They are further organized by product type. Both books cover world history from Prehistory and the Ancient World to 54 B.C. to the modern era. Other chapters include Roman Empire to A.D. 476; Europe and the British Isles; Africa and South Africa; Australia, New Zealand, Pacific Islands, and Antarctica; Canada; China; India, Tibet, and Burma; Israel and Arab Countries; Japan; Vietnam, Korea, Cambodia, and Thailand; and South and Central America and the Caribbean. The second section has an annotated bibliography that describes each title and includes publication information and awards. The focus is on books published since 1990, and all have received at l

Ancient India

Author: Virginia Schomp
Publisher: Marshall Cavendish
ISBN: 9780761446408
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Ancient India from the Author: Virginia Schomp. The Myths of the World series explores the mythology of some of history's greatest civilizations. Each book opens with a brief look at the culture that created the myths, including its geographical setting, political history, government, society, and religious beliefs. Next come the stories themselves. Each one of the half dozen or so myths per title has been retold by critically acclaimed author Virginia Schomp. Based on a variety of traditional sources, the new versions are fun and easy to read. At the same time, they remain true to the spirit of the ancient tales, preserving their magic, their mystery, and the special ways of speech and avenues of thought that made each culture unique.

Mysteries Of Ancient South America

Author: Harold T. Wilkins
Publisher: Adventures Unlimited Press
ISBN: 9780932813268
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Mysteries Of Ancient South America from the Author: Harold T. Wilkins. Ancient texts and old manuscripts reveal the secret amazing unknown history of the continent.

A History Of Ancient And Early Medieval India

Author: Upinder Singh
Publisher: Pearson Education India
ISBN: 9788131711200
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A History Of Ancient And Early Medieval India from the Author: Upinder Singh. Basic Approach Developed as a comprehensive introductory work for scholars and students of ancient and early medieval Indian history, this books provides the most exhaustive overview of the subject. Dividing the vast historical expanse from the stone age to the 12th century into broad chronological units, it constructs profiles of various geographical regions of the subcontinent, weaving together and analysing an unparalleled range of literary and archaeological evidence. Dealing with prehistory and protohistory of the subcontinent in considerable detail, the narrative of the historical period breaks away from conventional text-based history writing. Providing a window into the world primary sources, it incorporates a large volume of archaeological data, along with literary, epigraphic, and numismatic evidence. Revealing the ways in which our past is constructed, it explains fundamental concepts, and illuminates contemporary debates, discoveries, and research. Situating prevailing historical debates in their contexts, Ancient and Early Medieval India presents balanced assessments, encouraging readers to independently evaluate theories, evidence, and arguments. Beautifully illustrated with over four hundred photographs, maps, and figures, Ancient and Early Medieval India helps visualize and understand the extraordinarily rich and varied remains of the ancient past of Indian subcontinent. It offers a scholarly and nuanced┬┐yet lucid┬┐account of India┬┐s early past, and will surely transform the discovery of this past into an exciting experience. Tabel of Contents List of photographs List of maps List of figures About the author Preface Acknowledgements A readers guide 1. Understanding Literary and Archaeological Sources 2. Hunter-Gatherers of the Palaeolithic and Mesolithic Ages 3. The Transition to Food Production: Neolithic,Neolithic┬┐Chalcolithic, and Chalcolithic Villages, c. 7000┬┐2000 bce 4. The Harappan Civilization, c. 2600┬┐1900 bce 5. Cultural Transitions: Images from Texts and Archaeology, c. 2000┬┐600 bce 6. Cities, Kings, and Renunciants: North India, c. 600┬┐300 bce 7. Power and Piety: The Maurya Empire, c. 324┬┐187 bce 8. Interaction and Innovation, c. 200 BCE┬┐300 ce 9. Aesthetics and Empire, c. 300┬┐600 ce 10. Emerging Regional Configurations, c. 600┬┐ 1200 ce Note on diacritics Glossary Further readings References Index Author Bio Upinder Singhis Professor in the Department of History at the University of Delhi. She taught history at St. Stephen┬┐s College, Delhi, from 1981 until 2004, after which she joined the faculty of the Department of History at the University of Delhi. Professor Singh┬┐s wide range of research interests and expertise include the analysis of ancient and early medieval inscriptions; social and economic history; religious institutions and patronage; history of archaeology; and modern history of ancient monuments. Her research papers have been published in various national and international journals. Her published books include: Kings, Brahmanas, and Temples in Orissa: An Epigraphic Study (AD 300┬┐1147) (1994); Ancient Delhi (1999; 2nd edn., 2006); a book for children, Mysteries of the Past: Archaeological Sites in India (2002); The Discovery of Ancient India: Early Archaeologists and the Beginnings of Archaeology (2004); and Delhi: Ancient History (edited, 2006).