American Political Ideals And Realities

Publisher: Longman Publishing Group
ISBN: 9780321029461
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American Political Ideals And Realities from the Author: . * Chapters are structured around common student questions about American politics and government. This provides teachers with an immediate foundation for class discussions and assignments. * Ideals and Realities has a brief introductory passage before each section. These passages place the selections content in the context of the chapter, include a short biographical sketch of the author, and outline main points of the section. This helps the students understand each piece as they go along. * The Section on American Indians strengthens and broadens the books examination of complexities in American government with regard to diversity issues. * Commentary by current and former government officials bolster and clarify scholarly assessments. This combination will give students insight into the nature of academic debate, and also help them to understand the difficulties faced by dedicated public servants. * Each chapter includes selections by authors who are or have been leading figures in government, the media, or other aspects of national public life. (Ch. 5) Mario Cuomo, and Stephen L. Carter; (Ch. 6) Ed Rollins and Bill Bradley; (Ch. 7) Henry Kissinger, David Gergen and Richard C, H

American Politics

Author: George McKenna
Publisher: New York : McGraw-Hill
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American Politics from the Author: George McKenna.

American Politics

Author: Samuel P. Huntington
Publisher: Harvard University Press
ISBN: 9780674030213
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American Politics from the Author: Samuel P. Huntington. A study of the gap between the promise and practice of American democracy examines the historical national unity derived from the democratic ideal and the frustration of that ideal by political institutions and hierarchies

Texas Politics

Author: Charldean Newell
ISBN: 9781305633865
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Texas Politics from the Author: Charldean Newell. TEXAS POLITICS: IDEAL AND REALITY critically compares Texas government and politics to the concepts of democratic theory by raising three main themes: democratic ideals, conservatism, and conflict.

Justice Blind

Author: Matthew B. Robinson
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Justice Blind from the Author: Matthew B. Robinson. "Justice Blind? Ideals and Realities of American Criminal Justice" probes problems of injustice within our criminal laws, law enforcement agencies, courts, and correctional facilities. Posing important questions, showing different viewpoints, and offering fair solutions, author Matthew B. Robinson gives students a new and thought-provoking critique of the criminal justice system. "Justice Bind? Ideas and Realities of American Criminal Justice" is ideally suited for courses such as Introduction to Criminal Justice, CJ Ethics, Issues in CJ, Alternative Approaches to CJ, Introduction to Political Science, Criminology, Social Problems, and other courses where a more factual, honest interpretation of the system is required.

Democratic Ideals And Reality

Author: H.J. Mackinder
Publisher: Рипол Классик
ISBN: 5873862974
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Democratic Ideals And Reality from the Author: H.J. Mackinder.

The New American Political System

Author: Anthony King
Publisher: American Enterprise Institute
ISBN: 9780844737102
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The New American Political System from the Author: Anthony King. Everything is new in this second version of AEI's all-time bestseller, which brings coverage of the vital trends in American political life up to the present.

Indian Affairs And The Administrative State In The Nineteenth Century

Author: Stephen J. Rockwell
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 052119363X
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Indian Affairs And The Administrative State In The Nineteenth Century from the Author: Stephen J. Rockwell. Stephen J. Rockwell analyzes the role of national administration in Indian affairs and other national policy areas related to westward expansion in the nineteenth century.


Author: David Held
Publisher: Polity
ISBN: 0745648355
Size: 57.98 MB
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Cosmopolitanism from the Author: David Held. This book sets out a philosophical and practical account of contemporary global politics from a cosmopolitan point of view. The volume begins by developing a theory of cosmopolitanism, explicating its core principles and justifications. The role many of these principles have had in global politics is then explored; they have been important in framing the human rights regime and several aspects of international law and politics. The book then examines how legal and institutional developments at the global level fall short of cosmopolitan ideals. The argument is that this deficit is not inevitable, and can be overcome over time through an ambitious and yet practical agenda of reform. In the second half of the book, chapters are devoted to some of the most pressing issues of our time - financial market crises, climate change, and the fallout from the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. In each of these areas, the author argues that realist politics is exhausted, and that cosmopolitanism is the new realism. In short, the book offers a novel approach to thinking about global politics and case studies of its application by one of the best known authors in the field.