American Political Ideals And Realities

Publisher: Longman Publishing Group
ISBN: 9780321029461
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American Political Ideals And Realities from the Author: . * Chapters are structured around common student questions about American politics and government. This provides teachers with an immediate foundation for class discussions and assignments. * Ideals and Realities has a brief introductory passage before each section. These passages place the selections content in the context of the chapter, include a short biographical sketch of the author, and outline main points of the section. This helps the students understand each piece as they go along. * The Section on American Indians strengthens and broadens the books examination of complexities in American government with regard to diversity issues. * Commentary by current and former government officials bolster and clarify scholarly assessments. This combination will give students insight into the nature of academic debate, and also help them to understand the difficulties faced by dedicated public servants. * Each chapter includes selections by authors who are or have been leading figures in government, the media, or other aspects of national public life. (Ch. 5) Mario Cuomo, and Stephen L. Carter; (Ch. 6) Ed Rollins and Bill Bradley; (Ch. 7) Henry Kissinger, David Gergen and Richard C, H

The Paradox Of Citizenship In American Politics

Author: Mehnaaz Momen
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 3319615300
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The Paradox Of Citizenship In American Politics from the Author: Mehnaaz Momen. “This remarkable book does the unusual: it embeds its focus in a larger complex operational space. The migrant, the refugee, the citizen, all emerge from that larger context. The focus is not the usual detailed examination of the subject herself, but that larger world of wars, grabs, contestations, and, importantly, the claimers and resisters.”— Saskia Sassen, Professor of Sociology, Columbia University, USA This thought-provoking book begins by looking at the incredible complexities of “American identity” and ends with the threats to civil liberties with the vast expansion of state power through technology. A must-read for anyone interested in the future of the promise and realities of citizenship in the modern global landscape.— Kevin R. Johnson, Dean, UC Davis School of Law, USA Momen focuses on the basic paradox that has long marked national identity: the divide between liberal egalitarian self-conception and persistent practices of exclusion and subordination. The result is a thought-provoking text that is sure to be of interest to scholars and students of the American experience. — Aziz Rana, Professor of Law, Cornell Law School, USA This book is an exploration of American citizenship, emphasizing the paradoxes that are contained, normalized, and strengthened by the gaps existing between proposed policies and real-life practices in multiple arenas of a citizen’s life. The book considers the evolution of citizenship through the journey of the American nation and its identity, its complexities of racial exclusion, its transformations in response to domestic demands and geopolitical challenges, its changing values captured in immigration policies and practices, and finally its dynamics in terms of the shift in state power vis-à-vis citizens. While it aspires to analyze the meaning of citizenship in America from the multiple perspectives of history, politics, and policy, it pays special attention to the critical junctures where rhetoric and reality clash, allowing for the production of certain paradoxes that define citizenship rights and shape political discourse.

American Politics

Author: Samuel P. Huntington
Publisher: Harvard University Press
ISBN: 9780674030213
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American Politics from the Author: Samuel P. Huntington. A study of the gap between the promise and practice of American democracy examines the historical national unity derived from the democratic ideal and the frustration of that ideal by political institutions and hierarchies

Culture And Politics

Author: NA NA
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 1349623970
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Culture And Politics from the Author: NA NA. Political culture is one of the central, but most difficult, concepts in political science. Culture and Politics: A Reader explores this concept by compiling previously-published works that focus on the core themes of political culture research: Concepts and Applications, Culture and Globalization, Popular Culture, Civil Society and Social Capital, Social Movements and Collective Identity, Culture and Political Change, and Culture and Rationality. Each section includes general and article introductions as well as a 'suggested reading' list. Culture and Politics: A Reader provides a handy resource for students and teachers at both the graduate and under-graduate level.

American Political Ideas 1865 1917

Author: Charles Merriam
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1351532413
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American Political Ideas 1865 1917 from the Author: Charles Merriam. Charles Merriam is scarcely read today, and even among scholars he is probably more often cited than read seriously. His ambiguous position in the study of American democracy is unfortunate. Between the two world wars, Merriman was the doyen of American political science. This was a period when the most formative characteristics of academic social sciences were taking shape, characteristics that were to dominate the remainder of the century. During this period, "science" and "progress" became virtually synonymous in the social sciences. Between the two world wars, the liberal progressive critique of America's founders, a critique that included scholars such as Woodrow Wilson, Charles Beard, and others, became the orthodoxy of a new political science. The heart of that critique, insofar as it turned on methodological questions of how to study American government, was very much the work of Charles Merriam. Anyone who seeks to understand why that period was so pivotal in the interpretation of American democracy must necessarily study Charles Merriam and his influence. His work represents the first comprehensive effort by a scholar in the liberal-progressive tradition to survey the entirety of American political thought. To read Merriam's political essays and writings is to read a political theory that the behavioral tradition would come to label as "normative." His essays included insightful interpretations of Hobbes and Rousseau in European political philosophy as well as an earlier work tracing American political thought from the founding to the Civil War. This is a fundamental work for scholars working in the liberal-progressive tradition.

Understanding American Political Parties

Author: Jeffrey M. Stonecash
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1136339205
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Understanding American Political Parties from the Author: Jeffrey M. Stonecash. How do parties respond to the electorate and craft winning strategies? In the abstract parties are the vehicles to make democracy work, but it is often difficult to see the process working as well as we think it might. Indeed, voters often struggle to see parties as the valuable vehicles of representation that so many academics describe. There is a clear discrepancy between the ideal expressed in many textbooks and the reality that we see playing out in politics. Noted scholar Jeffrey Stonecash gives us a big picture analysis that helps us understand what is happening in contemporary party politics. He explains that parties behave the way they do because of existing political conditions and how parties adapt to those conditions as they prepare for the next election. Parties are unsure if realignment has stabilized and just what issues brought them their current base. Does a majority support their positions and how are they to react to ongoing social change? Is the electorate paying attention, and can parties get a clear message to those voters? This book focuses on the challenges parties face in preparing for future elections while seeking to cope with current conditions. This coping leads to indecisiveness of positioning, simplification of issues, repetition of messages, and efforts to disparage the reputation of the opposing party. Stonecash sheds much needed light on why parties engage in the practices that frustrate so many Americans.

Sincerity In Politics And International Relations

Author: Sorin Baiasu
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1134489889
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Sincerity In Politics And International Relations from the Author: Sorin Baiasu. This edited volume examines concepts of sincerity in politics and international relations in order to discuss what we should expect of politicians, within what parameters they should work, and how their decisions and actions could be made consistent with morality. The volume features an international cast of authors who specialize in the topic of sincerity in politics and international relations. Looking at how sincerity bears on political actions, practices, and institutions at national and international level, the introduction serves to place the chapters in the context of ongoing contemporary debates on sincerity in politics and international theory.? Each chapter focuses on a contemporary issue in politics and international relations, including corruption, public hypocrisy, cynicism, trust, security, policy formulation and decision-making, political apology, public reason, political dissimulation, denial and self-deception, and will argue against the background of a Kantian view of sincerity as unconditional. Offering a significant comprehensive outlook on the practical limits of sincerity in political affairs, this work will be of great interest to both students and scholars.

The Anthology Of Contemporary American Poetry

Author: Helen Vendler
Publisher: I.B.Tauris
ISBN: 9781860648373
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The Anthology Of Contemporary American Poetry from the Author: Helen Vendler. The poetry in this collection demonstrates the full range and power of the contemporary American imagination. The verve, freedom and boldness of American English are combined with the harmonies of modern cadence. Here are distillations of 20th-century thought and reflections of changing social realities, scientific and psychoanalytical insights and the strong voices of feminism and black consciousness. Included are works by: Sylvia Plath; John Berryman; Amy Clampitt; Allen Ginsberg; Rita Dove; Robert Lowell; Wallace Stevens; John Ashbery; Adriennce Rich; Robert Hayden; Theodore Roethke; Langston Hughes; and Louise Gluck.