American Culture Canons And The Case Of Elizabeth Stoddard

Author: Robert McClure Smith
Publisher: University of Alabama Press
ISBN: 0817357939
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American Culture Canons And The Case Of Elizabeth Stoddard from the Author: Robert McClure Smith. Elizabeth Stoddard was a gifted writer of fiction, poetry, and journalism; successfully published within her own lifetime; esteemed by such writers as William Dean Howells and Nathaniel Hawthorne; and situated at the epicenter of New York's literary world. Nonetheless, she has been almost excluded from literary memory and importance. This book seeks to understand why. By reconsidering Stoddard’s life and work and her current marginal status in the evolving canon of American literary studies, it raises important questions about women’s writing in the 19th century and canon formation in the 20th century. Essays in this study locate Stoddard in the context of her contemporaries, such as Dickinson and Hawthorne, while others situate her work in the context of major 19th-century cultural forces and issues, among them the Civil War and Reconstruction, race and ethnicity, anorexia and female invalidism, nationalism and localism, and incest. One essay examines the development of Stoddard's work in the light of her biography, and others probe her stylistic and philosophic originality, the journalistic roots of her voice, and the elliptical themes of her short fiction. Stoddard’s lifelong project to articulate the nature and dynamics of woman's subjectivity, her challenging treatment of female appetite and will, and her depiction of the complex and often ambivalent relationships that white middle-class women had to their domestic spaces are also thoughtfully considered. The editors argue that the neglect of Elizabeth Stoddard's contribution to American literature is a compelling example of the contingency of critical values and the instability of literary history. This study asks the question, “Will Stoddard endure?” Will she continue to drift into oblivion or will a new generation of readers and critics secure her tenuous legacy?

The Black Indian In American Literature

Author: K. Byars-Nichols
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 1137389184
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The Black Indian In American Literature from the Author: K. Byars-Nichols. The first book-length study of the figure of the black Indian in American Literature, this project explores themes of nation, culture, and performativity. Moving from the Post-Independence period to the Contemporary era, Byars-Nichols re-centers a marginalized group challenges stereotypes and conventional ways of thinking about race and culture.

American Literature S Aesthetic Dimensions

Author: Cindy Weinstein
Publisher: Columbia University Press
ISBN: 0231520778
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American Literature S Aesthetic Dimensions from the Author: Cindy Weinstein. In these diverse essays, leading critics recast the place of aesthetics in the production and consumption of literature. Rethinking the category of aesthetics in light of recent developments in literary theory and social criticism, contributors showcase the interpretive possibilities available to those who bring politics, culture, ideology, and conceptions of identity into their critiques. Deploying a distinctive range of methodologies, essays combine close readings of individual works and authors with more theoretical discussions of aesthetic theory and its relation to American literature. An introduction surveys the rise of a literary criticism based in aesthetics from the eighteenth century to its twentieth-century remaking in the wake of deconstruction, identity politics, and new historicism. The editors ultimately argue that aesthetics never really left American literary critique, even in the heyday of new historicism. Instead, they cast the current “return to aesthetics” as the natural consequence of shortcomings in deconstruction and new historicism, which led to a reconfiguration of aesthetics. Subsequent essays demonstrate the value and versatility of aesthetic considerations in literature, from eighteenth-century poetry to twentieth-century popular music. Organized into four groups—politics, form, gender, and theory—they revisit the canonical works of Henry James, Nathaniel Hawthorne, and Stephen Crane, introduce the overlooked texts of Constance Fenimore Woolson and Earl Lind, and unpack the surprising complexities of the music of The Carpenters. Deeply rooted in an American context, these essays explore literature’s aesthetic dimensions in connection to American liberty and the formation of political selfhood, and they conclude with the ethical implications of reading and representation.

Author: Зеді Сміт
Publisher: Family Leisure Club
ISBN: 6171237663
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from the Author: Зеді Сміт.

The Interior

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The Interior from the Author: . Issues for Jan 12, 1888-Jan. 1889 include monthly "Magazine supplement".

Author: Джошуа Слокам
Publisher: Yuri Marchenko
ISBN: 9662141731
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from the Author: Джошуа Слокам. Капітан Джошуа Слокам — знакова постать в історії мореплавства. Він першим самотужки обійшов навколо світу на яхті під вітрилом (1895–1898). Але цим він не обмежився, і написав подорожні нотатки, які стали класикою жанру, перевидавалися безліч раз упродовж століття, що минуло, і досі продаються в американських книгарнях. Українською книжка вийшла завдяки ініціативі групи перекладачів, яку організував на сайті «Гоголівська академія» Антон Санченко — сучасний український письменник-мариніст («Баркароли», «Нариси бурси» та ін.). Крім захопливих морських вражень книжка пропонує маловідому колоніальну історію та географію кінця 19 століття.