Agri Input Marketing In India

Author: Pingali Venugopal
Publisher: SAGE Publishing India
ISBN: 9351504425
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Agri Input Marketing In India from the Author: Pingali Venugopal. Agri-input companies have played a significant role in transforming the post-Independence ‚Äúship-to-mouth‚ÄĚ Indian economy, dependent on food grain imports, into a self-sufficient economy. Though agricultural productivity is declining and environmentalists are questioning the use of agri-inputs, Indian agriculture cannot do away with agri-inputs. This book, after understanding the past policy environment, agri-input marketing, and promotion strategies of both the government and private companies, suggests frameworks for agri-input marketing companies to align their strategies to the new objective of sustainable agriculture. The book will serve as a text for students in the agribusiness management programmes and also as a guide for practicing managers and policy makers.

Agricultural Input Marketing

Author: S. P. Seetharaman
Size: 10.26 MB
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Agricultural Input Marketing from the Author: S. P. Seetharaman. Revision of papers presented at the National Workshop on Agricultural Inputs held in 1990 and organized by the Centre for Management in Agriculture, Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad.

Management Of Agricultural Inputs

ISBN: 9789381450642
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Management Of Agricultural Inputs from the Author: . Environment, problems and policies attempts to rectify the lacunae of an absence of any comprehensive book on "Management of Agricultural Inputs". This is despite the fact that three-fourth of India's population is rural whose main occupation and profession is agriculture and allied activities. In the present context of economy and situation, it is a challenge for the agriculturists/ farmers to continue with their profession. This book provides an in-depth analysis of the environment, the problems associated with agri-inputs management and marketing. The book elaborately covers market information on agri-inputs and government policies to support the farming community. This book offers an interesting reading for academicians, students, agripreneurs and agri-input manufacturers to know about the vibrant dynamics of agri-input market in India.

India S Agricultural Marketing

Author: Nilabja Ghosh
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 8132215729
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India S Agricultural Marketing from the Author: Nilabja Ghosh. ‚ÄčThe proposed book provides an assessment of an important yet controversial policy initiated by the Indian government and governments of several other developing countries. Marketing reforms, it is claimed, can be a crucial answer to solving the problem of rural poverty in agrarian economies where large sections of populace are engaged in low paying agriculture. On a wider front, these reforms could help in providing growth impetus to an economy and even the global economy at large. Yet, the subject of liberalizing agricultural markets is also part of a broad and perhaps a bitter political debate between national and sub-national policy makers and academic discourses in India and other countries. A clearer understanding and a possible resolution of the issues involved will be decidedly useful. The experience of India, one of the largest and most agriculture-dominated economies, will undoubtedly provide valuable lessons not only for steering the domestic economic policy but also for other countries to set their own policy agenda. The book attempts to capture the evolving reality in a large and diverse country and presents an objective evaluation to enable aspiring investors and those in policy making, food business and civil society to make more informed assessment and decision.

Organised Retailing And Agri Business

Author: N. Chandrasekhara Rao
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 8132224760
Size: 68.46 MB
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Organised Retailing And Agri Business from the Author: N. Chandrasekhara Rao. This book examines the performance of organized retail chains supplying the agri-input and output services in terms of achieving their objective of utilising collective bargaining power in the marketing of their agricultural produce, integrating empirical experience from India and other selected developing countries. The scenario of marketing for agricultural products has been undergoing rapid changes with the rise of organised retailing (the Indian term for ‚Äėsupermarkets‚Äô), a process that is likely to accelerate in years to come, with India being on the threshold of a supermarket revolution. In fact, India is referred to as the ‚Äėfinal frontier‚Äô in the development of supermarkets. The growth of supermarkets in India is faster than that in China, which is also witnessing an exponential growth as part of the ‚Äúthird wave‚ÄĚ of supermarket diffusion. The book investigates the links between organised retailing and farmers and farming in India. Apart from raising issues of equity, inclusion and problems in policy framework, it also discusses policy interventions that are essential in order to make the development of organised retailing more inclusive and beneficial to the farming community and agricultural sector. The book further serves as a guide for policy makers, helping them to select the right kind of interventions to balance growth with equity as market forces penetrate deeper into the agricultural marketing space.

Growth And Equity Effects Of Agricultural Marketing Efficiency Gains In India

Author: Maurice R. Landes
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
ISBN: 1437927289
Size: 76.36 MB
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Growth And Equity Effects Of Agricultural Marketing Efficiency Gains In India from the Author: Maurice R. Landes. This is a print-on-demand publication; it is not an original. Agriculture is the largest source of employment in India, and food accounts for about half of consumer expenditures. This analysis uses a computable general equilibrium model with agricultural commodity detail and households disaggregated by rural, urban, and income class to study the potential impacts of reforms that achieve efficiency gains in agricultural marketing and reduce agricultural input subsidies and import tariffs. More efficient agricultural marketing generates economywide gains in output and wages, raises agricultural producer prices, reduces consumer food prices, and increases private consumption, particularly by low-income households. Charts and tables.

Organic Input Production And Marketing In India Efficiency Issues And Policies Cma Publication No 239

Author: Kumara Charyulu Deevi
Publisher: Allied Publishers
ISBN: 8184246900
Size: 31.58 MB
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Organic Input Production And Marketing In India Efficiency Issues And Policies Cma Publication No 239 from the Author: Kumara Charyulu Deevi. The success of industrial agriculture and the green revolution in recent decades has often masked by significant externalities, affecting natural resources and human health as well as agriculture itself. Environmental and health problems associated with agriculture have been increasingly well documented, but it is only recently that the scale of the costs has attracted the attention of planners and scientists. Increasing consciousness about conservation of environment as well as of health hazards caused by agrochemicals has brought a major shift in consumer preference towards food quality. This timely book is a one stop resource for agriculturists, planners, policy makers and other stakeholders who are involved in organic cultivation. The findings emanated from this study would be helpful for Ministry of Agriculture, organic producers, organic input users and other associations involved in organic produce supply-chains in the country.

Indian Agricultural Marketing

Author: Jagdish Prasad
Publisher: Mittal Publications
ISBN: 9788170996156
Size: 16.74 MB
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Indian Agricultural Marketing from the Author: Jagdish Prasad. Contributed articles.

Agricultural Inputs And Services In India

Author: D. Amutha
ISBN: 9788177083934
Size: 79.10 MB
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Agricultural Inputs And Services In India from the Author: D. Amutha. Agricultural sector occupies a key position in the Indian economy. It provides employment to about 65 percent of the working population of India. It is but natural that the problems of farmers are addressed with a sense of urgency. Although Indian agriculture is way back compared to the levels in developed countries, some notable developments have occurred since Independence in 1947. Large areas which suffered from repeated failures of rainfall have received irrigation, new crops have come to occupy a significant position in the country's production and trade, agricultural and the industrial economies now exert a powerful influence on one another, problems of rural indebtedness and the exploitative practices of the village moneylenders are much less, and finally there is visible in the countryside an awakening and a desire for better standard of living. Low levels of yields in Indian agriculture are attributable mainly to lack of agricultural services and unsatisfactory spread of new technological practices. The present work focuses on the quality of agricultural inputs and services in India and the Government policies and programmes to improve them. The areas covered include seeds, insecticides, farm machines, agricultural research, fertilisers, irrigation, agricultural credit, marketing and trade of agricultural produce, agriculture insurance, use of information technology (IT) in agriculture and exports and imports of agricultural products.

Transforming Indian Agriculture India 2040

Author: Marco Ferroni
Publisher: SAGE Publications India
ISBN: 8132117220
Size: 55.91 MB
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Transforming Indian Agriculture India 2040 from the Author: Marco Ferroni. India’s recent performance in agriculture has been favorable, with agricultural production growing over the past 30 years. Yet there is widespread consensus that, relative to the rest of the economy, agriculture is lagging and that it can and must do much better to support india’s overall high economic growth and dynamism. This book explores the future and presents the audacious question: what could the agricultural sector in India look like 30 years from now and how should it look if it is to successfully meet the needs of the country’s affluent society? In order to address this question, this book proposes a set of recommendations that should be implemented on a priority basis. These recommendations are as follows: (i) make public programs much more focused and effective; (ii) recognize water as a critical, long-term constraint to India’s agricultural growth and give top priority to significantly improving the efficiency of water use; (iii) promote new high-yield seeds and related technologies, including mechanization, to improve yields and productivity; (iv) improve the effectiveness of agricultural research and extension; (v) support further improvements of the farm-to-market value chain and reduce spoilage; and (vi) improve markets and incentives related to agriculture through reforms of prices, trade, and subsidies. The vision of what India’s economy in 2040 should and can look like, with an affluent and modern agricultural sector, will require fundamental changes in both the demand and supply sides of Indian agriculture. The vision is based not on projections but on how India’s agricultural sector needs to adapt to match the economy’s progress as a whole. This vision is plausible but it is by no means certain.