Agri Input Marketing In India

Author: Pingali Venugopal
Publisher: SAGE Publications India
ISBN: 9351500969
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Agri Input Marketing In India from the Author: Pingali Venugopal. Agri-input companies have played a significant role in transforming the post-Independence “ship-to-mouth” Indian economy, dependent on food grain imports, into a self-sufficient economy. Though agricultural productivity is declining and environmentalists are questioning the use of agri-inputs, Indian agriculture cannot do away with agri-inputs. This book, after understanding the past policy environment, agri-input marketing, and promotion strategies of both the government and private companies, suggests frameworks for agri-input marketing companies to align their strategies to the new objective of sustainable agriculture. The book will serve as a text for students in the agribusiness management programmes and also as a guide for practicing managers and policy makers.

Indian Agriculture Agri Business Management 2 Nd Ed

Author: Diwase, S.
Publisher: Scientific Publishers
ISBN: 9386347628
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Indian Agriculture Agri Business Management 2 Nd Ed from the Author: Diwase, S.. The book 'Indian Agriculture and Agribusiness Management' aims at providing students of agribusiness, teachers, researchers, professionals and all those interested in the field of agriculture with a broader understanding of agribusiness as a system and the key concepts needed to successfully manage an agribusiness enterprise. It serves as a basis to gain a comprehensive understanding of how the agribusiness system operates and the challenges faced in the movement of food and fiber from the producer to the ultimate consumer. The first part of the book helps in understanding the context within which agribusinesses operate in India. It focuses on the breadth and scope of agribusiness in India, policy initiatives undertaken by the Indian Government and the legal framework within which they function. The second half of the book deals with the complex network of inter related activities performed on the farm and past the farm gate such as natural resource management, input management, marketing management, supply chain management and risk management, as well as the institutional linkages needed for the same. It addresses issues relevant to decision making in a rapidly changing, highly competitive market environment led by technological advancement in area such as information technology and biotechnology. It provides an insight into management challenges related to rising input costs and shifting consumer preferences. Cases pertaining to the best practices and potential strategies adopted by a few innovative, successful organizations have also been incorporated. The book also incorporates several case studies that highlight the various concepts discussed in the different chapters.

Agricultural Input Marketing

Author: S. P. Seetharaman
Size: 69.12 MB
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Agricultural Input Marketing from the Author: S. P. Seetharaman. Revision of papers presented at the National Workshop on Agricultural Inputs held in 1990 and organized by the Centre for Management in Agriculture, Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad.

Agricultural Inputs And Output

Author: Agricultural Economics Research Association (India)
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Agricultural Inputs And Output from the Author: Agricultural Economics Research Association (India). Proceedings of the 6th annual conference of the Association held at Haryana Agricultural University, Hissar in Sept. 1998.

Addressing The Challenges Facing Agricultural Mechanization Input Supply And Farm Product Processing

Author: Brian G. Sims
Publisher: Food & Agriculture Org.
ISBN: 9789251057841
Size: 35.65 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Addressing The Challenges Facing Agricultural Mechanization Input Supply And Farm Product Processing from the Author: Brian G. Sims. FAO is a global knowledge broker for the agri-food industry, including technologies for production and processing. In particular, the Agro-Industries Programme of FAO is increasingly tending to focus on appropriate input supply, innovation and value chain development. Improvements in these areas have the potential to sustain and improve livelihoods and well-being at whatever scale and in whatever region of the world. Within the World Congress on "Agricultural Engineering for a Better World", as a preparation for the challenges of the twenty-first century, FAO conducted two workshops. The first targeted the subject of "challenges for agricultural mechanization in sub-Saharan Africa", and the second focused on "using technology to add value and increase quality". This report contains the results of the Congress, and encourages both readers and decision-makers to consider the important role of engineering technologies for development and, indeed, for a better world. (Also available in French and Spanish)