Age Of Revolution 1789 1848

Author: Eric Hobsbawm
Publisher: Hachette UK
ISBN: 0297865307
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Age Of Revolution 1789 1848 from the Author: Eric Hobsbawm. The first in Eric Hobsbawm's dazzling trilogy on the history of the nineteenth century. Between 1789 and 1848 the world was transformed both by the French Revolution and also by the Industrial Revolution that originated in Britain. This 'Dual Revolution' created the modern world as we know it. Eric Hobsbawm traces with brilliant analytical clarity the transformation brought about in every sphere of European life by the Dual Revolution - in the conduct of war and diplomacy; in new industrial areas and on the land; among peasantry, bourgeoisie and aristocracy; in methods of government and of revolution; in science, philosophy and religion; in literature and the arts. But above all he sees this as the period when industrial capitalism established the domination over the rest of the world it was to hold for a century. Eric Hobsbawm's enthralling and original account is an impassioned but objective history of the most significant sixty years in the history of Europe.

Political Thought In The Age Of Revolution 1776 1848

Author: Dr Michael Levin
Publisher: Macmillan International Higher Education
ISBN: 1137267623
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Political Thought In The Age Of Revolution 1776 1848 from the Author: Dr Michael Levin. The years between the American Revolution of 1776, the French Revolution of 1789 and the European Revolutions of 1848 saw fundamental shifts from autocracy to emerging democracy. It is a vital period in what may be termed 'modernity': that is of the western societies that are increasingly industrial, capitalist and liberal democratic. Unsurprisingly, these years of stress and transition produced some significant reflections on politics and society. This indispensable introductory text considers how a cluster of key thinkers viewed the global political upheavals and social changes of their time, covering the work of: • Edmund Burke * Georg Hegel • Thomas Paine * Alexis de Tocqueville • Jeremy Bentham * Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels Lively and approachable, it is essential reading for anyone with an interest in modern history, political history or political thought.

The Age Of Revolutions In Global Context C 1760 1840

Author: David Armitage
Publisher: Macmillan International Higher Education
ISBN: 1137014156
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The Age Of Revolutions In Global Context C 1760 1840 from the Author: David Armitage. A distinguished international team of historians examines the dynamics of global and regional change in the late eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Providing uniquely broad coverage, encompassing North and South America, the Caribbean, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, South and Southeast Asia, and China, the chapters shed new light on this pivotal period of world history. Offering fresh perspectives on: • the American, French, and Haitian Revolutions • the break-up of the Iberian empires • the Napoleonic Wars. The volume also presents ground-breaking treatments of world history from an African perspective, of South Asia's age of revolutions, and of stability and instability in China. The first truly global account of the causes and consequences of the transformative 'Age of Revolutions', this collection presents a strikingly novel and comprehensive view of the revolutionary era as well as rich examples of global history in practice.

Dante Gabriel Rossetti Und Der Romantische Desillusionismus

Author: Felix Forster
Publisher: V&R unipress GmbH
ISBN: 3847102516
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Dante Gabriel Rossetti Und Der Romantische Desillusionismus from the Author: Felix Forster. English summary: Whereas most studies see Dante Gabriel Rossetti's oeuvre as the work of a 'failed Romantic' (Stephen J. Spector) or at least a 'diminished Romantic' (David G. Riede), the present study challenges this conventional scholarly wisdom by taking a fresh look on his poems and lesser-known prose works as well as his paintings. His works are analysed against the backdrop of an often neglected but influential counter-current to the Victorian mainstream, namely Romantic Disillusionism in the line of Lord Byron. It is shown that the defining structure of Rossetti's works is the oscillation between affirmation and negation, i.e. he evokes traditional (romantic) symbols and themes, only to unmask them as wishful thinking. He emerges as an artist who wanted to hold on to the Neoplatonic and holistic world view of the Romantic poets like Coleridge, Wordsworth or Keats before him but could no longer do so because he found himself at the centre of an ever increasing vortex of doubt concerning metaphysical truths that gripped the second half of the 19th century. The study focuses on four major aspects that rehabilitate Rossetti artistically as well as intellectually: his Pyrrhonist view on the conditio humana, his inversion of the ideal of Neoplatonic and Dantesque love, his non-teleological view on history and politics, and finally his ars poetica that grappled with the question of the poet's role in a post-metaphysical world. German description: Felix Forster eroffnet mit diesem Band neue Perspektiven auf das Werk Dante Gabriel Rossettis und leistet einen wichtigen Beitrag zu dessen Rehabilitierung. Seine Analyse zeigt insbesondere auf, wie bedeutend die bewusste Invertierung der tradierten Symbole und Themen fur Rossettis literarisches Werk ist. Der optimistische Zukunftsglaube seiner Zeitgenossen wird als Illusion entlarvt und die holistische Weltsicht der positiven Romantiker wie S. T. Coleridge, W. Wordsworth oder auch J. Keats hinterfragt. Das Oszillieren zwischen Affirmation und Negation, d. h. zwischen dem Glauben-Wollen und dem Nicht-mehr-glauben-Konnen, wird dabei als standige Auseinandersetzung mit dem sukzessiven Sinn- und Transzendenzverlust des 19. Jahrhunderts aufgefasst.

The Age Of Cultural Revolutions

Author: Colin Jones
Publisher: Univ of California Press
ISBN: 9780520229679
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The Age Of Cultural Revolutions from the Author: Colin Jones. "This superb collection of essays brings together the most exciting new work in cultural and literary history. Although the authors focus on the various cultural revolutions of the late 18th and early 19th centuries, the significance of their investigations extends far beyond that moment. They show how the major categories of modern social life took root in this era, but they emphasize the surprising and often paradoxical ways those developments took place. Nothing about the experience of class, gender, race, nation, sentiment or even death was pre-ordained. These essays will enable readers to take a fresh new look at the origins of modernity."Lynn Hunt, editor of The New Cultural History and coeditor of Beyond the Cultural Turn "This is a valuable and provocative set of essays. Differing markedly in subject matter, they are linked by their intelligence and concern to re-assess early modern English and French histories, and the differences conventionally drawn between them, in the light of current work on language, class, race and gender."Linda Colley, author of Britons: Forging the Nation, 1707-1837 "

Political Thought In The Age Of Revolution 1776 1848

Author: Michael Levin
Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan
ISBN: 9780230272118
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Political Thought In The Age Of Revolution 1776 1848 from the Author: Michael Levin. In the years of revolution between 1776 and 1848, stress and transition produced some fundamental reflections on politics and society. This introductory text considers how a cluster of key European thinkers, including Burke, Hegel, Tocqueville and Marx, viewed the global political upheavals and social changes of their times.