Medicine And Imperialism Ii

Publisher: Hairudin Harun
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Medicine And Imperialism Ii from the Author: HAIRUDIN HARUN. Volume II continues with an account of the foundation of the British colonial health policy in the Malay Peninsula (later British Malaya). It covers the period of the British presence in the Peninsula between the mid-eighteenth and the early twentieth century. During the latter, the development and expansion of colonial medical services in the Malay Peninsula correlated with the increased intensity of British imperialism. The account here, based mostly on contemporary official documents, is to provide insight how Britain at its imperial heights actively leveraged on the health network in the service of its imperialist agenda.

After Imperialism

Author: Richard R. Cook
Publisher: Casemate Publishers
ISBN: 0718892577
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After Imperialism from the Author: Richard R. Cook. This collection of essays is committed to the belief that evangelicalism continues to have the historical assets and intellectual (hermeneutical and theological) tools able to contribute to the global church. Evangelicalism possesses assets with explanatory power to address significant theological and cultural issues arising out of the churches in the Global South. Evangelical approaches to contextualization and biblical studies can produce valuable fruit. Therefore in May 2008 over a dozen evangelical scholars (Chinese and Western) from the United States, Hong Kong and Taiwan, came together to address issues of Christian and evangelical identity. The Inter-Cultural Theological Conversation was titled Beyond Our Past: Bible, Cultural Identity, and the Global Evangelical Movement. This collection of papers from the conference demonstrates the value of the careful balancing of judicious appropriation of the social sciences and thorough biblical inquiry. Questions of evangelical identity in China and around the world are addressed from the disciplines of history, biblical studies, and systematic theology/contextualization.

Discovering Imperialism

Author: Richard B. Day
Publisher: BRILL
ISBN: 9004201564
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Discovering Imperialism from the Author: Richard B. Day. This volume assembles the main documents of the international debate on imperialism that took place in the Second International during the period 1898-1916. It asseses the contributions of the individual participants, placing them in the context of contemporary political debates.

Conflict After The Cold War

Author: Richard K. Betts
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
ISBN: 1351864874
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Conflict After The Cold War from the Author: Richard K. Betts. Edited by one of the most renowned scholars in the field, Richard Betts' Conflict After the Cold War assembles classic and contemporary readings on enduring problems of international security. Offering broad historical and philosophical breadth, the carefully chosen and excerpted selections in this popular reader help students engage key debates over the future of war and the new forms that violent conflict will take. Conflict After the Cold War encourages closer scrutiny of the political, economic, social, and military factors that drive war and peace. New to the Fifth Edition: Original introductions to each of 10 major parts as well as to the book as a whole have been updated by the author. An entirely new section (Part IX) on "Threat Assessment and Misjudgment" explores fundamental problems in diagnosing danger, understanding strategic choices, and measuring costs against benefits in wars over limited stakes. 12 new readings have been added or revised: Fred C. Iklé, "The Dark Side of Progress" G. John Ikenberry, "China’s Choice" Kenneth N. Waltz, "Why Nuclear Proliferation May Be Good" Daniel Byman, "Drones: Technology Serves Strategy" Audrey Kurth Cronin, "Drones: Tactics Undermine Strategy" Eyre Crowe and Thomas Sanderson, "The German Threat? 1907" Neville Henderson, "The German Threat? 1938" Vladimir Putin, "The Threat to Ukraine from the West" Eliot A. Cohen, "The Russian Threat" James C. Thomson, Jr., "How Could Vietnam Happen? An Autopsy" Stephen Biddle, "Afghanistan’s Legacy" Martin C. Libicki, "Why Cyberdeterrence is Different"

Western Civilization A Brief History Volume Ii Since 1500

Author: Jackson J. Spielvogel
Publisher: Cengage Learning
ISBN: 1285500318
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Western Civilization A Brief History Volume Ii Since 1500 from the Author: Jackson J. Spielvogel. Put the world today into context by learning about the past through this brief, best-selling Western Civilization text that has helped thousands of students succeed in the course. Jack Spielvogel's engaging style of writing weaves the political, economic, social, religious, intellectual, cultural, and military aspects of history into a gripping story that is as memorable as it is instructive. You will also be exposed to primary source documents--actual historical documents that are the foundation for the historical analysis you read in the chapter. These documents include letters, poems, and songs through history--documents that enliven the past. Throughout the book there are also helpful tools to help you digest the reading, including outlines, focus questions, chronologies, numerous maps, and boldface key terms with definitions. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

Poverty From The Wealth Of Nations

Author: M. Alam
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 0333985648
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Poverty From The Wealth Of Nations from the Author: M. Alam. In Poverty from the Wealth of Nations , the author presents an analysis of the evolution of global disparities that goes beyond the earlier neo-Marxist critiques of global capitalism. He moves beyond their narrative by inserting two additional asymmetries into the global economy - those created by 'unequal races' and unequal states. The author analyzes not only the power of markets, but the powers that shaped these markets. More importantly, he marshals cross-country evidence to show that loss of sovereignty retarded industrialization, human capital formation and economic growth.


Author: Richard Koebner
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 0521054915
Size: 41.87 MB
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Imperialism from the Author: Richard Koebner. This is a comprehensive study examining the changing concepts of Empire and Imperialism from the nineteenth century to the beginning of the 1960s. This study is not simply the biography of a word, but a history of political consciousness, important to historians and political scientists alike.

Making A World After Empire

Author: Christopher J. Lee
Publisher: Ohio University Press
ISBN: 0896804682
Size: 64.51 MB
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Making A World After Empire from the Author: Christopher J. Lee. In April 1955, twenty-nine countries from Africa, Asia, and the Middle East came together for a diplomatic conference in Bandung, Indonesia, intending to define the direction of the postcolonial world. Representing approximately two-thirds of the world’s population, the Bandung conference occurred during a key moment of transition in the mid-twentieth century—amid the global wave of decolonization that took place after the Second World War and the nascent establishment of a new cold war world order in its wake. Participants such as Jawaharlal Nehru of India, Gamal Abdel Nasser of Egypt, Zhou Enlai of China, and Ahmed Sukarno of Indonesia seized this occasion to attempt the creation of a political alternative to the dual threats of Western neocolonialism and the cold war interventionism of the United States and the Soviet Union. The essays in this volume explore the diverse repercussions of this event, tracing the diplomatic, intellectual, and sociocultural histories that have emanated from it. Making a World after Empire consequently addresses the complex intersection of postcolonial history and cold war history and speaks to contemporary discussions of Afro-Asianism, empire, and decolonization, thus reestablishing the conference's importance in twentieth-century global history. Contributors: Michael Adas, Laura Bier, James R. Brennan, G. Thomas Burgess, Antoinette Burton, Dipesh Chakrabarty, Julian Go, Christopher J. Lee, Jamie Monson, Jeremy Prestholdt, Denis M. Tull

The American Experience In World War Ii American Diplomacy In The Second World War

Author: Walter L. Hixson
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
ISBN: 9780415940368
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The American Experience In World War Ii American Diplomacy In The Second World War from the Author: Walter L. Hixson. Provides comprehensive coverage of the changes experienced in the United States as result of World War II, including discussion of the transformation of American domestic policies, diplomatic relations, and military strategies.