African Hosts Their Guests

Author: W. E. A. van Beek
Publisher: Boydell & Brewer Ltd
ISBN: 1847010490
Size: 59.87 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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African Hosts Their Guests from the Author: W. E. A. van Beek. Africa is a 'theme park' for Western tourists to experience untouched wilderness, untamed nature, and truly 'authentic' cultures, where the hosts, too, are part of a discourse about the 'other' and ourselves, about wildness, danger and roots.

Reviewing Reality

Author: W. E. A. van Beek
Publisher: LIT Verlag MĂĽnster
ISBN: 3643903359
Size: 38.89 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Reviewing Reality from the Author: W. E. A. van Beek. From crab divination in the Cameroon (front cover) to friction oracles in the Congo Basin, from reading cast objects in Mozambique to spirit possession in Cote d'Ivoire, from Sudanese ebony diviners to South African Xhosa healers (below), divination systems throughout Africa serve their communities by resolving problems and answering questions. Divination helps people chart a course in life by a deeper under­standing of past and present. This important collection reveals the extraordinary diversity and complexity of African divination systems, focusing on self-knowledge, social reality, and on intercultural and historical relations. Walter E.A. van Beek is Professor of Anthropology of Religion at Tilburg University, Netherlands. Philip M. Peek is Professor Emeritus at Drew University, USA.

A Common Mission

Author: David Wesley
Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers
ISBN: 1630877573
Size: 41.61 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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A Common Mission from the Author: David Wesley. The term Ubuntu articulates an African understanding of our need to connect to one another in order to be complete. Likewise, A Common Mission offers a description of churches that connect with one another through the growing phenomenon of mission partnerships. The word "common" indicates something shared among equals. The word "common" also suggests something present in all parts of an organism, production, or narrative, such as a common thread. These two aspects of commonality provide an important orientation for contemporary mission. Since 2008, congregational partnerships emerged so quickly and spontaneously that very few researchers originally noticed this groundswell. Partnerships remain present in over 80 percent of United States mega-churches and are prominent in a large number of smaller US churches. This should not be surprising. Mission exists as an expression of the church's identity, an evangelistic expression that crosses frontiers and goes to the ends of the earth. In our globalized context, however, mission also crosses neighborhood "frontiers" to the immigrants within our own communities. Mission expresses its Christian witness as congregations love those separated from the church by ethnicity, language, sexual orientation, religion, or fear. A Common Mission provides a framework of healthy patterns for churches to live into this mission identity.

Africa Continent Of Economic Opportunity

Author: David Fick
Publisher: Real African Publishers
ISBN: 1919855475
Size: 20.21 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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Africa Continent Of Economic Opportunity from the Author: David Fick. Divided into geographic regions and representing every African nation, this comprehensive collection of case studies explores how successful business enterprises of varying size, along with community projects, help to create jobs in Africa. A valuable guide to conducting business anywhere on the continent, this account also offers information on finding business opportunities and handling oft-encountered problems.

From Migrants To Missionaries

Author: Benjamin Simon
Publisher: Peter Lang
ISBN: 9783631598429
Size: 23.88 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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From Migrants To Missionaries from the Author: Benjamin Simon. The denominational plurality in continental Europe keeps growing. The churches of African origin are of increasing number. Seeking for a new identity in their new home, the concept of Diaspora and the question for legal issues get important for their identity. To what extent is their identity determined rather by seclusion or openness? Are the churches missionizing amongst Germans and are there ecumenical relations? What are the characteristics of such a new identity? How does it develop? By analyzing three different types of churches of African origin in the German context, especially by examining their sermons, the author demonstrates how those churches develop in a missionary direction and how they can become ecumenical partners.

Re Imagining African Christologies

Author: Victor I. Ezigbo
Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers
ISBN: 1630878030
Size: 26.52 MB
Format: PDF
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Re Imagining African Christologies from the Author: Victor I. Ezigbo. "Who do you say that I am" (Mark 8:29) is the question of Christology. By asking this question, Jesus invites his followers to interpret him from within their own contexts-history, experience, and social location. Therefore, all responses to Jesus's invitation are contextual. But for too long, many theologians particularly in the West have continued to see Christology as a universal endeavor that is devoid of any contextual influences. This understanding of Christology undermines Jesus's expectations from us to imagine and appropriate him from within our own contexts. In Re-imagining African Christologies, Victor I. Ezigbo presents a constructive exposition of the unique ways that many African theologians and lay Christians from various church denominations have interpreted and appropriated Jesus Christ in their own contexts. He also articulates the constructive contributions that these African Christologies can make to the development of Christological discourse in non-African Christian communities.

African Religion Defined

Author: Anthony Ephirim-Donkor
Publisher: University Press of America
ISBN: 0761860584
Size: 38.86 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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African Religion Defined from the Author: Anthony Ephirim-Donkor. African religion is ancestor worship; it revolves around the dead, now thought to be alive and well in heaven (the Samanadzie) and propitiated by the living on earth. For the Akan, the ancestors’ stool is the emblem of the ancestors (Nananom Nsamanfo). Led by their kings and queen mothers as living ancestors, the Akan periodically propitiate the ancestors’ stools housing their ancestors. In return, the ancestors and deities influence the affairs of living descendants, making ancestor worship as tenably viable as any other religion. This second edition updates the scholarship on ancestor worship by demonstrating the centrality of the ancestors’ stool as the ultimate religious symbol. In addition, all chapters have been expanded. A new chapter has been added to show how ancestor worship is pragmatically integrative, theologically sound, teleological as well as soteriological, with a highly trained clerical body and elders as mediators.

Self Evaluation In The Global Classroom

Author: John MacBeath
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1134514670
Size: 18.30 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Self Evaluation In The Global Classroom from the Author: John MacBeath. Self-evaluation is going global. This book describes what happened when teams of school students from across the world embarked on the trip of a lifetime to explore the school lives of their international contemporaries. The students involved in The Learning School project used a variety of tools to evaluate the learning, motivation and self-evaluation abilities of school students in the UK, Sweden, Japan, Germany, the Czech Republic, South Africa and South Korea. From the easy freedom of the Swedish school to the highly structured day in the Czech Republic, this study shows that success and effectiveness in education really is in the eye of the beholder. The results of this study have significant implications for school leaders and managers, policy makers and academics, and all those concerned with school improvement. This lively and accessible book makes intriguing and important reading, raising fundamental questions about how we judge quality and effectiveness in teaching and learning.

The Vatican Diaries

Author: John Thavis
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 1101606304
Size: 38.19 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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The Vatican Diaries from the Author: John Thavis. The New York Times–bestselling inside look at one of the world’s most powerful and mysterious institutions For more than twenty-five years, John Thavis held one of the most remarkable journalistic assignments in the world: reporting on the inner workings of the Vatican. In The Vatican Diaries, Thavis reveals Vatican City as a place struggling to define itself in the face of internal and external threats, where Curia cardinals fight private wars and sexual abuse scandals threaten to undermine papal authority. Thavis (author of The Vatican Prophecies: Investigating Supernatural Signs, Apparitions, and Miracles in the Modern Age) also takes readers through the politicking behind the election of Pope Francis and what we might expect from his papacy. The Vatican Diaries is a perceptive, compelling, and provocative account of this singular institution and will be of interest to anyone intrigued by the challenges faced by religion in an increasingly secularized world. From the Trade Paperback edition.

Africa Should Get There Too

Author: Alfani Sumaili Yoyo
Publisher: AuthorHouse
ISBN: 9781456746957
Size: 31.76 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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Africa Should Get There Too from the Author: Alfani Sumaili Yoyo. After having been stunned by untold evils making the order of each day in Africa, and particularly in his country, Alfani was compelled to address this in the form of a book. The ideas he suggests to alleviate the situation is what he regards as alternative strategies to develop a crumbling continent. Alfani believes that development should be given priority. He laments that most of the continent's resources are misused by a handful of citizens and dumped in the most worthless personal luxuries and expenditures such as civil and religious wars. About HIV/AIDS in Africa, he simply but firmly says that no matter how complicated the disease can be, the chance is that it can be reversed if there'll be a systematic paradigm shift in people's minds. From the experience of land reform in Zimbabwe as well as severe hunger caused by extremely low rate of food production in many African states, he scoffs the continent's inability to invest in the land. He also blames contemporary African leaders for their reluctance to embrace the breeze of development, and accuses politicians of treating ordinary citizens cheaply. In this book, he offers a simple definition of the word "development" when he equates it to a walk from where people have been getting delayed to where they would like to be. For Africa, this means joining other continents or even taking an extra mile. On the other hand, he warns his readers not to take his book as a compilation of some absolute "do's" but to consider it as a guide or help. The implementation of his suggestions is absolutely a personal issue. Alfani's book is not only engaging but also informative.