Accelerated Product Development

Author: Clifford Fiore
Publisher: Productivity Press
ISBN: 9781563273100
Size: 54.59 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Accelerated Product Development from the Author: Clifford Fiore. In Accelerated Product Development: Combining Lean and Six Sigma for Peak Performance, Clifford Fiore provides the blueprint for implementing the key elements for improving the product development process. His innovative and powerful work represents the first book to couple the proven concepts of Lean and Six Sigma with the engineering processes of product development. His results, based on proven strategies and methodologies, enable companies to significantly reduce the time necessary to develop new products, dramatically reduce product cost, and improve product quality.

The Technology Management Handbook

Author: Richard C. Dorf
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 9780849385773
Size: 29.98 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
View: 5125
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The Technology Management Handbook from the Author: Richard C. Dorf. If you are not already in a management position, chances are you soon will be. According to the Bureau of Statistics, the fastest growing areas of employment for engineers are in engineering/science management. With over 200 contributing authors, The Technology Management Handbook informs and assists the more than 1.5 million engineering managers in the practice of technical management. Written from the technical manager's perspective and written for technologists who are managers, The Technology Management Handbook presents in-depth information on the science and practice of management. Its comprehensive coverage encompasses the field of technology management, offering information on: Entrepreneurship Innovations Economics Marketing Product Development Manufacturing Finance Accounting Project Management Human Resources International Business

Accelerating New Food Product Design And Development

Author: Jacqueline H. Beckley
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1119149320
Size: 43.28 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
View: 1729
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Accelerating New Food Product Design And Development from the Author: Jacqueline H. Beckley. Written primarily for directors and managers of food design and development, food scientists, technologists, and product developers, this book explains all the necessary information in order to help meet the increasing demands for innovation in an industry that is providing fewer resources. This updated edition, by a group of seasoned food industry business professionals and academics, provides a real-world perspective of what is occurring in the food industry right now, offers strategic frameworks for problem solving and R&D strategies, and presents methods needed to accelerate and optimize new product development. Accelerating New Food Product Design and Development, Second Edition features five brand new chapters covering all the changes that have occurred within the last decade: A Flavor Supplier Perspective, An Ingredient Supplier Perspective, Applying Processes that Accelerate New Product Development, Looking at How the University Prepares Someone for a Career in Food, and Innovative Packaging and Its Impact on Accelerated Product Development. Offers new perspectives on what really goes on during the development process Includes updated chapters fully describing the changes that have occurred in the food industry, both from a developer’s point of view as well as the consumer requirements Features a completely rewritten chapter covering the importance of packaging which is enhanced through 3D printing All of this against the impact on speed to market Filled with unique viewpoints of the business from those who really know and a plethora of new information, Accelerating New Food Product Design and Development, Second Edition will be of great interest to all professionals engaged in new food product design and development.

Accelerating Innovation

Author: Marvin L. Patterson
Publisher: Van Nostrand Reinhold Company
Size: 25.37 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
View: 3634
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Accelerating Innovation from the Author: Marvin L. Patterson. With intense global competition jeopardizing the existence of even successful companies, managers are desperately seeking new ways to develop products that expand market share. Accelerating Innovation is the next stage in technological innovation and management. The book provides a total product development package for developing, managing, and operating a system of innovation that really works. Managers discover how to cope with the limited life span of today's products; anticipate changing consumer needs and desires; close the gap between new technology and products that apply it; bring leading-edge products to market fast; and enjoy higher returns on investment.

Accelerating Transformation

Author: Behnam Tabrizi
Publisher: Universal-Publishers
ISBN: 9781581125245
Size: 71.85 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
View: 4753
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Accelerating Transformation from the Author: Behnam Tabrizi. This book describes a detailed process methodology for speeding innovation, and thereby leading to a firm's transformation. Anyone who is interested in managing under uncertainty and implementing fast and effective processes would be interested in reading this book. The results presented in this book are based on several years of research, examining 72 projects from 36 leading companies in United States, Asia, and Europe. The methods described are adopted by many firms in the industry.

Author: Драган Милошевич
Publisher: Litres
ISBN: 5457501124
Size: 79.46 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
View: 5318
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from the Author: Драган Милошевич. Профессор Портлендского университета (Орегон, США) Драган Милошевич, написавший эту монографию, обобщил свой многолетний опыт управления крупными проектами и открыто поделился своими наработками и достижениями в систематизации бизнес-процессов по управлению проектами.Данная книга – не просто перечень инструментов, но набор, разложенный аккуратно в компактном кейсе менеджера, системно размещенный по отделениям и снабженный инструкцией не только по использованию, но и по возможной компоновке конкретных наборов техник при подходе к новому проекту. Пользователю инструментальным набором дается фиксированная схема управления проектами, без особого отвлечения внимания и ресурсов на поиск общей стратегии управления проектом и ее оптимизацию, хотя и в этом направлении даются определенные рекомендации.Издание будет особенно полезно менеджерам, которые начинают свою карьеру в области управления проектами или новичков в этой области. Опытные специалисты познакомятся с особенностями западного подхода и его отличиями от российских практик.

Integrated Product And Process Development

Author: John M. Usher
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 9780471155973
Size: 36.56 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Integrated Product And Process Development from the Author: John M. Usher. The phenomenal success of integrated product and process development (IPPD) at such companies as Boeing, Motorola, and Hewlett-Packard has led many manufacturers to place renewed emphasis on this critical aspect of concurrent engineering. If you are among those charged with the daunting task of implementing, upgrading, or maintaining IPPD, you need a single reference/handbook that covers all of the tools, technologies, and applications that support IPPD. You need Integrated Product and Process Development. Emphasizing applications, this extremely user-friendly guide covers everything from basic principles to cutting-edge research. It addresses ideas and methods in product design as well as issues related to process design and manufacturing. Case studies illustrate the application of various tools and techniques of IPPD in manufacturing for the defense industry, making the most of product planning, applications of quality function deployment (QFD), the effective use of design optimization, and integrating design and process planning. Other topics covered include: * Identifying customer needs using QFD. * Issues and constraints in time-driven product development. * Enhancing automated design systems with functional design. * Rapid prototyping. * Case-based process planning systems