A War Bride S Story

Author: Cynthia Faryon
Publisher: James Lorimer & Company
ISBN: 1552778061
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A War Bride S Story from the Author: Cynthia Faryon. Gwendoline Cramer was one of the 48,000 war brides transported to Canada by the Canadian government between 1942 and 1947. Many of them were escorted across the water and handed over to their husbands with nothing more than a handsake and a cookbook. Following her heart to rural Saskatchewan, Gwen felt like a fish out of water. She couldn't milk a cow or cook with a wood stove. And then she had the in-laws to contend with...


Author: Valentina Rushbrook
Size: 31.85 MB
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Valentina from the Author: Valentina Rushbrook.

War Brides

Author: Melynda Jarratt
Publisher: Dundurn
ISBN: 1770703888
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War Brides from the Author: Melynda Jarratt. For thousands of young British girls, the influx of Canadian soldiers conscripted to Britain during the Second World War meant throngs of handsome young men. The result was over 48,000 marriages to Canadian soldiers alone, and a mass emigration of British women to North America and around the world in the 1940’s. For many brides, the decision to leave their family and home to move to a country thousands of miles away with a man they hardly knew brought forth ensuing happiness. For others, the outcome was much different, and the darker side of the story reveals the infidelity, domestic violence, poverty, alcoholism and divorce that many lived through. War Brides draws on original archival documents, personal correspondence, and key first hand accounts to tell the amazing story of the War Brides in their own words-and shows the love, passion, tragedy and spirit of adventure of thousand of British women.

Michi S Memories

Author: Keiko Tamura
Publisher: ANU E Press
ISBN: 1921862521
Size: 72.88 MB
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Michi S Memories from the Author: Keiko Tamura. This book tells the story of Michi, one of 650 Japanese war brides who arrived in Australia in the early 1950s. The women met Australian servicemen in post-war Japan and decided to migrate to Australia as wives and fiancées to start a new life. In 1953, when Michi reached Sydney Harbour by boat with her two Japanese-born children, she knew only one person in Australia: her husband. She did not know any English so she quickly learned her first English phrase, "I like Australia", in the car on the way from the harbour to meet her Australian family. In the last fifty years, she brought up seven children while the family moved from one part of Australia to another. Now, in her eighties, she leads a peaceful life in Adelaide, but remains active in many ways. Her voice is full of life and she looks and sounds much younger than her age.

An Ocean Apart A War Bride S Tale

Author: Melanie A. Ippolito
Publisher: Lulu.com
ISBN: 1576385175
Size: 80.50 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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An Ocean Apart A War Bride S Tale from the Author: Melanie A. Ippolito. Merriam Press Historical Fiction Series Number 16. First Edition 2016. An Ocean Apart was inspired by the hundreds of letters the author's parents wrote to one another during World War II. An Ocean Apart is a story of enduring love. It is a story of ambition, religious intolerance, long separations and adversities, of rationing and persistent shortages. Deeply infused in history, it is one war bride's story out of thousands who made the journey across the Atlantic to begin a new life in America.

Japanese War Brides In America

Author: Miki Ward Crawford
Publisher: ABC-CLIO
ISBN: 0313362017
Size: 31.23 MB
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Japanese War Brides In America from the Author: Miki Ward Crawford. Reveals the stories of nineteen Japanese war brides whose assimilation into American culture forever influenced future generations.

Brass Buttons And Silver Horseshoes

Author: Linda Granfield
Publisher: McClelland & Stewart Ltd
Size: 24.51 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Brass Buttons And Silver Horseshoes from the Author: Linda Granfield. Canada’s war brides were the young women who met, fell in love with, and married Canadian servicemen in Europe in World War II. Forty-eight thousand from Britain, with 22,000 children, followed their husbands to Canada during and just after the war. Some of them were barely teenagers when the war began, but they grew up quickly in a world of blackouts and rationing and bombing raids, when loved ones were absent and the future uncertain. Love grew quickly in such a climate. Sometimes the romances were leisurely, but frequently it was a headlong rush into marriage followed by emigration to an unknown land, with family left behind, often never to be seen again. Linda Granfield effortlessly recaptures the spirit of those days, in stories from the war brides and with visual material of all kinds, including photos, mementoes from the voyage to Halifax, and the documents required along the way. The women tell of flirtations at dances and canteens, of hasty marriages in borrowed dresses, of tearful farewells in English ports, and of unheard-of delights like lobster and grapefruit aboard the still-gracious ocean liners. Some expected to see cowboys and indians and igloos in Canada, and were surprised how different their husbands looked in unfamiliar civilian attire. And the trains! Who knew a country could be so big! Nothing could prepare the war brides for their new country. City girls, many of them, they now had to call upon all their resources to survive unexpected hardships. Winters could be punishing, husbands could show their true colours, or in-laws turn a cold shoulder. But for the most part quick wits, good humour, and loving new families pulled them through. It took firm resolve and a spirit of adventure to follow a stranger to a new world, and though a good few returned to Britain, most never wanted to return. Canada had become their home.


Author: Michael J. Forrester
Publisher: American Book Classics
ISBN: 1589822250
Size: 47.56 MB
Format: PDF
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Tsuchino from the Author: Michael J. Forrester. "In a stunning tribute to his wife of 45 years, Michael Forrester's Tsuchino, My Japanese War Bride is a compelling narrative that gives readers history and insight into the little-known and understudied story of Japanese war brides in America. Before leaving to serve in the US military in the occupation of Japan, New York-born Irish Catholic Forrester was cautioned by his grandmother to not return home with a Japanese bride! Fortunately, Michael Forrester did not heed the warning and in 1958, he married Tsuchino Matsuo ? a strong-willed and determined woman who confounds any stereotypes readers might have had about Japanese war brides. Michael and Tsuchino's story of love transcends cultural and language barriers at a time in American history when marriage between two different races was a rare occurrence." ? Regina F. Lark, Ph.D., UCLA Center for the Study of Women and Women's Studies Programs

French War Brides In America

Author: Hilary Kaiser
Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group
ISBN: 9780275993986
Size: 46.30 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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French War Brides In America from the Author: Hilary Kaiser. The thrill of love in the heady days following liberation soon turned to a lesson in reality as GI's and their French brides navigated paperwork, bigotry, and culture shock on both sides, some finding true love, and some finding the American Dream.