History Of Magic And Experimental Science

Author: Lynn Thorndike
Publisher: Kessinger Publishing
ISBN: 9780766143135
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History Of Magic And Experimental Science from the Author: Lynn Thorndike. Volume 9 of 14. The 16th Century: Intellectual Conditions and Characteristics of the 16th Century through Thomas Erastus. The aim of this set is to treat the history of magic and experimental science and their relations to Christian thought during the first thirteen centuries of our era, with special emphasis upon the 12th and 13th centuries. Magic is understood under the broadest sense of the work, as including all occult arts and sciences, superstitions and folklore. The author believes that magic and experimental science have been connected in their development, and within these pages will attempt to prove the same.


Author: Franz Hartmann
Publisher: Nicolas-Hays, Inc.
ISBN: 0892546670
Size: 49.81 MB
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Geomancy from the Author: Franz Hartmann. Geomancy, or "divining by means of the earth," was originally carried out by making marks in the dirt with a divining stick and then determining the geomantic symbols from these marks. It's based on the idea that our movement is influenced by the energies in circulation within and around us. This book explains the modern method of geomancy using just a writing tool and a piece of paper to obtain incredibly in-depth information. There are 16 geomantic symbols that correspond to planetary energies and zodiacal signs. The book explains the symbols, how to compile them, and how to read them. The three geomancy methods described herein are very simple but provide different levels of information. Included are 2,048 answers to 16 common questions and blank geomantic charts that you can photocopy to use for your divinations.

Communicating Early English Manuscripts

Author: Päivi Pahta
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 052119329X
Size: 21.71 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Communicating Early English Manuscripts from the Author: Päivi Pahta. The first volume to focus on the communicative aspects of English manuscripts from the fourteenth to the nineteenth century. It demonstrates how these handwritten texts can be used to analyse the history of language as communication between individuals and groups, and discusses the challenges these documents present to present-day scholars.

Possessing Nature

Author: Paula Findlen
Publisher: Univ of California Press
ISBN: 9780520205086
Size: 79.93 MB
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Possessing Nature from the Author: Paula Findlen. In 1500 few Europeans regarded nature as a subject worthy of inquiry. Yet fifty years later the first museums of natural history had appeared in Italy, dedicated to the marvels of nature. Italian patricians, their curiosity fueled by new voyages of exploration and the humanist rediscovery of nature, created vast collections as a means of knowing the world and used this knowledge to their greater glory. Drawing on extensive archives of visitors' books, letters, travel journals, memoirs, and pleas for patronage, Paula Findlen reconstructs the lost social world of Renaissance and Baroque museums. She follows the new study of natural history as it moved out of the universities and into sixteenth- and seventeenth-century scientific societies, religious orders, and princely courts. Findlen argues convincingly that natural history as a discipline blurred the border between the ancients and the moderns, between collecting in order to recover ancient wisdom and the development of new textual and experimental scholarship. Her vivid account reveals how the scientific revolution grew from the constant mediation between the old forms of knowledge and the new.