A Curious Intimacy

Author: Lois Oppenheim
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 113584299X
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A Curious Intimacy from the Author: Lois Oppenheim. What can neuroscience contribute to the psychodynamic understanding of creativity and the imagination? A Curious Intimacy is an innovative study into the interrelation between art and neuro-psychoanalysis which significantly narrows the divide between the humanities and the sciences. Situating our grasp of the creative mind within the historical context of theories of sublimation, Lois Oppenheim proposes a change in paradigm for the study of the creative process, questioning the idea that creativity serves, above all, the reparation of early object relationships and the resolution of conflict. The book is divided into two parts. Part One, Art and the Brain, introduces the field of neuro-psychoanalysis and examines the contribution it can make to the discussion of gender and art. Part Two, A New Direction for Interdisciplinary Psychoanalysis, draws on the verbal and visual artistry of Samuel Beckett, Paul Klee and Martha Graham to put to the test the proposed new direction for applied psychoanalysis. Lois Oppenheim concludes by addressing the future of psychoanalysis as it becomes increasingly informed by neuroscience and raising questions about what the neurobiology of emotion and feeling has to tell us about the creative experience of an individual and what might constitute a 'neuro-psychoanalytic aesthetics'. A Curious Intimacy will have great appeal for all those interested in the study of imagination and creativity. It will also be of particular interest to students across the humanities and sciences and to psychotherapists and psychoanalysts wanting to explore the contribution that neuro-psychoanalysis can make to our understanding of the creative process.

Curious Intimacy

Author: Jessica White
Publisher: Penguin Group Australia
ISBN: 0143007602
Size: 63.62 MB
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Curious Intimacy from the Author: Jessica White. In the 1870s two remarkable women meet in a remote country town in Western Australia. Ingrid is hundreds of miles from home, trying to distance herself from a broken heart after her lover was forced to marry. Ellyn is a young woman living in stark isolation and driven close to madness by the death of her baby daughter. Ellyn's husband is away indefinitely, and she's had no word from him. When the two women meet, they forge a bond that grows ever deeper. But can their intimacy find acceptance in their conventional world?

Louis Horst

Author: Janet Mansfield Soares
Publisher: Duke University Press
ISBN: 9780822312260
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Louis Horst from the Author: Janet Mansfield Soares. From his musical beginnings as a piano player in gambling houses and society cafes, Louis Horst (1884-1964) became one of the chief architects of modern dance in the twentieth century. Accepting a job as musical director for the Denishawn Dance Company in 1915, Horst set out on a remarkable career that would eventually embrace composing, theorizing, and teaching. He had an incalculable influence on many important dancers of the day, particularly Martha Graham, who was his student and intimate for decades. Horst's biography, recounted here in rich detail by Janet Mansfield Soares, constitutes a crucial and colorful chapter in the story of modern American culture. At the center of this story is Horst's relationship with Martha Graham. "I did everything for Martha," Horst said late in life. Indeed, as her lover, ally, and lifelong confidante, he worked with such conviction to make her the undisputed dance leader in the concert world that Graham herself would later remark: "Without him I could not have achieved anything I have done." Drawing on the conversation and writings of Horst and his colleagues, Soares reveals the inner workings of this passionate commitment and places it firmly in the context of dance history. Horst emerges as a man of extraordinary personality and multifaceted talent. Soares shows how his dance scores, such as the one for Graham's Primitive Mysteries, became models for America's leading composers. She describes Horst's musical relationship with important figures such as Doris Humphrey and Helen Tamaris, as well as their German counterparts. She documents his founding and editing of the journal Dance Observer in an attempt to win recognition for American dance, an enterprise that established him as a leading critic of his time. Above all, Soares evokes Horst as a teacher. At the Neighborhood Playhouse, the Bennington School of Dance, the American Dance Festival, and Juilliard, he translated modernist theories into practical means of expression for dance, thus leaving his mark on future generations of dancers and choreographers. Soares has written the first comprehensive biography of this pivotal figure in the dance world. Richly illustrated, sensitive to intimate detail and historical nuance, it reveals the raison d'etre underlying Horst's theories and practices and offers insight into the development of dance as an art form under his virtually unchallenged rule. Janet Mansfield Soares first met Louis Horst as a young dancer at Juilliard. She became his assistant while pursuing a career as performer and choreographer under his tutelage. Since 1964 she has taught dance composition courses based on his work at Juilliard and at Barnard College, where she is currently Chair of the Dance Department. This book is the product of ten years of research and writing and a lifelong enthusiasm for the art of choreography fostered by Louis Horst.

The Noonday Demon

Author: Andrew Solomon
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1451676883
Size: 41.77 MB
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The Noonday Demon from the Author: Andrew Solomon. With uncommon humanity, candor, wit, and erudition, award-winning author Andrew Solomon takes the reader on a journey of incomparable range and resonance into the most pervasive of family secrets. His contribution to our understanding not only of mental illness but also of the human condition is truly stunning. The Noonday Demon examines depression in personal, cultural, and scientific terms. Drawing on his own struggles with the illness and interviews with fellow sufferers, doctors and scientists, policymakers and politicians, drug designers and philosophers, Solomon reveals the subtle complexities and sheer agony of the disease. He confronts the challenge of defining the illness and describes the vast range of available medications, the efficacy of alternative treatments, and the impact the malady has had on various demographic populations around the world and throughout history. He also explores the thorny patch of moral and ethical questions posed by emerging biological explanations for mental illness. The depth of human experience Solomon chronicles, the range of his intelligence, and his boundless curiosity and compassion will change the reader's view of the world.

Eating Chinese

Author: Lily Cho
Publisher: University of Toronto Press
ISBN: 1442659998
Size: 52.30 MB
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Eating Chinese from the Author: Lily Cho. "Chicken fried rice, sweet and sour pork, and an order of onion rings, please." Chinese restaurants in small town Canada are at once everywhere - you would be hard pressed to find a town without a Chinese restaurant - and yet they are conspicuously absent in critical discussions of Chinese diasporic culture or even in popular writing about Chinese food. In Eating Chinese, Lily Cho examines Chinese restaurants as spaces that define, for those both inside and outside the community, what it means to be Chinese and what it means to be Chinese-Canadian. Despite restrictions on immigration and explicitly racist legislation at national and provincial levels, Chinese immigrants have long dominated the restaurant industry in Canada. While isolated by racism, Chinese communities in Canada were still strongly connected to their non-Chinese neighbours through the food that they prepared and served. Cho looks at this surprisingly ubiquitous feature of small-town Canada through menus, literature, art, and music. An innovative approach to the study of diaspora, Eating Chinese brings to light the cultural spaces crafted by restaurateurs, diners, cooks, servers, and artists.

Psychoanalysis And The Artistic Endeavor

Author: Lois Oppenheim
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317589548
Size: 41.93 MB
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Psychoanalysis And The Artistic Endeavor from the Author: Lois Oppenheim. Psychoanalysis and the Artistic Endeavor offers an intriguing window onto the creative thinking of several well-known and highly creative individuals. Internationally renowned writers, painters, choreographers, and others converse with the author about their work and how it has been informed by their life experience. Creative process frames the discussions, but the topics explored are wide-ranging and the interrelation of the personal and professional development of these artists is what comes to the fore. The conversations are unique in providing insight not only into the art at hand and into the perspective of each artist on his or her own work, but into the mind from which the work springs. The interviews are lively in a way critical writing by its very nature is not, rendering the ideas all that much more accessible. The transcription of the live interview reveals the kind of reflection censored elsewhere, the interplay of personal experience and creative process that are far more self-consciously shaped in a text written for print. Neither private conversation nor public lecture, neither crafted response (as to the media) nor freely associative discourse (as in the analytic consulting room), these interviews have elements of all. The volume guides the reader toward a deeper psychologically oriented understanding of literary and visual art, and it engages the reader in the honest and often-provocative revelations of a number of fascinating artists who pay testimony to their work in a way no one else can. This is a unique collection of particular interest for psychoanalysts, scholars, and anyone looking for a deeper understanding of the creative process.

Imagination From Fantasy To Delusion

Author: Lois Oppenheim
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 0415875706
Size: 62.41 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Imagination From Fantasy To Delusion from the Author: Lois Oppenheim. In Imagination from Fantasy to Delusion, Lois Oppenheim illustrates the enhancement of self that creativity affords, the relationship of imagination to the self as agent. The premise of this book is twofold: First, that the imaginary is real. Where it differs from what we commonly take to be reality is in structure and in form. The imaginary of art, for example, is not illusionary for it is phenomenologically describable and even depictable, as demonstrated by the self-reflexive efforts of modernist painters and writers. No less real than the imaginary of art, and thus fantasy, is the imaginary of delusion, ascertainable in the very function it serves. Though fundamentally different, fantasy and delusion do share a significant feature: a preoccupation with agency. Second is that change, the enhancement of self through an increase in agency, is facilitated by the biology of reward: The pleasure of increased self-cohesion—the efficacy acquired through knowledge of, and the attribution of meaning to, the world—is ultimately the sine qua non of imaginative thought. Oppenheim emphasizes the idea that imagination generates knowledge. Our sensory systems, like our higher cognitive functions, give the human brain knowledge to maintain the homeostatic balance required for survival and to enrich the sense of self required for agency. And, she suggests, imagination is a function of their doing so. Moreover, she explores the construct by which we apprehend the workings of imagination—fantasy—and considers in what the mental imagery that endows it consists, how fantasy may be transmitted transgenerationally, and how delusion can be an impediment to imagination while also being a product of it. Additionally, she likens psychoanalysis to the making of art as a process of acquiring knowledge and looks at creativity itself as a coming-to-know. Throughout this book, there run several opposing threads. The first is that of the intra- and interpsychic psychoanalytic paradigms. This theoretical contrast bears on our understanding of aesthetic experience as sublimatory versus object relational and on our understanding of the construction of meaning. A second opposition resides in the notion of agency (with its implication of self-cohesion) which has everything to do with ego function and, seemingly, the usefulness of "unconscious fantasy," a cornerstone of psychoanalysis now thrown into question by the postmodern favoring of dissociation over repression and other mechanisms of defense. Last, but no less significant, is the contrast interwoven between the empiricism of neuroscience and the metaphysics of philosophical thought. Oppenheim's underlying effort is to explore the validity of these oppositions, which seem not to hold as steadfastly as we tend to suppose.

Transnational Ties

Author: Desley Deacon
Publisher: ANU E Press
ISBN: 1921536217
Size: 52.32 MB
Format: PDF
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Transnational Ties from the Author: Desley Deacon. Australian lives are intricately enmeshed with the world, bound by ties of allegiance and affinity, intellect and imagination. In Transnational Ties: Australian Lives in the World, an eclectic mix of scholars - historians, literary critics, and museologists - trace the flow of people that helped shape Australia's distinctive character and the flow of ideas that connected Australians to a global community of thought. It shows how biography, and the study of life stories, can contribute greatly to our understanding of such patterns of connection and explores how transnationalism can test biography's limits as an intellectual, professional and commercial practice.

An Awful Intimacy

Author: Elizabeth Von Vogt
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 0595216676
Size: 77.98 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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An Awful Intimacy from the Author: Elizabeth Von Vogt. Mary Lou Liever is living on the Maine coast, has grieved obsessively over the death of her husband for almost two years. She is sixty-three now, but she retreats from most human contact-only a dinner here and there with her grown-up children. She is alone and begins to live through a newly awakened imagination. She is trying to escape the strange intimacy that had engulfed her thirty-two year marriage to a man twelve years older. She dreams of the lives she could have lived instead of the real one that is leaving so much misery in its wake. So many places she could have gone to and lived in, other men she could have married, even the divorce she could have had, the solitary life, the careers. But all fancied paths fail. How will she learn to live with the real, the loss?

Power And Intimacy In The Christian Philippines

Author: Fenella Cannell
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9780521646222
Size: 38.14 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Power And Intimacy In The Christian Philippines from the Author: Fenella Cannell. The lowland Philippines, in contrast to the apparently "exotic", "tribal" areas, has for many years been thought of as a strangely Westernized place, without a cultural life of its own. This innovative and important book shows that this perception is a myth, which reflects our own obsessions with defining culture and identity as something "unchanging." Through an absorbing account of arranged marriages, miraculous saint cults, spirit mediumship and gay beauty contests, the author describes the unexpectedness of daily life in rural Bicol and the resilience and imagination of the Filipino poor.