How To Form A Library

Author: Henry Benjamin Wheatley
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 1108021492
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How To Form A Library from the Author: Henry Benjamin Wheatley. This 1886 work provides a fascinating insight into the history of libraries and of changing reading habits.

Psychological Activity In Homer

Author: Shirley D. Sullivan
Publisher: McGill-Queen's Press - MQUP
ISBN: 0773573518
Size: 36.93 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Psychological Activity In Homer from the Author: Shirley D. Sullivan. This work focuses upon one word among several that make up Homer's psychological terminology. By its wide range of meaning, phren illustrates many aspects of psychic activity in Homer, including emotion, volition, and different forms of thought. Psychological terminology poses a challenge for examination, but it is important and warrants close study.

The Iliad

Author: Homer
Publisher: University of Michigan Press
ISBN: 9780472116171
Size: 79.62 MB
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The Iliad from the Author: Homer. In 2002, the University of Michigan Press published Rodney Merrill's translation of Homer's Odyssey, an interpretation of the classic that was unique in employing the meter of Homer's original. Praising Merrill's translation of the Odyssey, Gregory Nagy of Harvard wrote, "Merrill's fine ear for the sound of ancient Greek makes the experience of reading his Homer the nearest thing in English to actually hearing Homer. The translator's English renders most faithfully the poet's ancient Greek---not only the words and meaning but even the voice." Merrill has now produced an edition of Homer's Iliad, following the same approach. This form of rendering is particularly relevant to the Iliad, producing a strong musical setting that many elements of the narrative require to come truly to life. Most notable are the many battle scenes, to which the strong meter gives an impetus embodying and making credible the "war-lust" in the deeds of the combatants. For many years, until his retirement, Rodney Merrill taught English composition and comparative literature at Stanford and Berkeley. In addition to his translation of Homer's Odyssey, he is the author of "Chaucer's Broche of Thebes." Jacket photograph © 2007 Museum of Fine Arts, Boston "Other competent translations of Homer exist, but none accomplish what Merrill aims for: to convey to the reader-listener in translation the meaning and the sounds of Homer, coming as close as possible to the poetry of the original. Merrill accomplishes this virtuosic achievement by translating Homer's Greek into English hexameters, a process requiring not only a full understanding of the original Greek, but also an unusual mastery of the sounds, rhythms, and nuances of English." ---Stephen G. Daitz, Professor Emeritus of Classics, City University of New York "This is a faithful and powerful rendition of the original Greek. With his deep understanding of the language, [Merrill] has succeeded in capturing the heroic essence of the Homeric Iliad." ---Gregory Nagy, Francis Jones Professor of Classical Greek Literature and Professor of Comparative Literature, Harvard University, and author of Poetry as Performance: Homer and Beyond

A Study Of Thumos In Early Greek Poetry

Author: Caroline P. Caswell
Publisher: BRILL
ISBN: 9789004092600
Size: 70.47 MB
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A Study Of Thumos In Early Greek Poetry from the Author: Caroline P. Caswell. This study of "thumos," one of the most important terms in the vocabulary of early Greek epic in the context of inner experience, and one of the least understood, is a systematic examination which elucidates its meaning and explains its occurrence in a variety of different contexts.